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  • Hollywood posted on 28.05. at 10:24
    Thanks lost_freak514 and Spiral! Glad you both liked it.
    Spiral, you're too sweet.
  • Spiral Static posted on 27.05. at 09:17
    You are an amazingly talented vidder.

    This has got to be one of my favourite Jack/Kate videos, and that song fitted them perfectly. Loved they style.

  • lost_freak514 posted on 20.03. at 17:04
    Great vid.
  • Hollywood posted on 24.08. at 17:42
    Thanks lost&brokendreams, glad you liked it.
    Heres the SendMeFile link -->
  • khaleesi posted on 24.08. at 13:31
    omfg, this vid is like my new favorite! can you post another link where i can download it? the other one expired
  • MovieGuy posted on 23.07. at 21:56
    Nate's are now number 8 & 15 for no apparent reason
  • Hollywood posted on 23.07. at 21:44
    Awww.....thanks Kimmy, you being one of the biggest Jaters l know, l am so happy and pleased that you liked it.
    Thanks a bunch love.

    LMAO Nate and MG!!!
  • MovieGuy posted on 23.07. at 12:41
    lostzilla wrote:
    What happened to Sidewalks and brand New Day??

    Better talent here.

    Sidewalks and Brand New Day are 2 &3 on the list of Jates
  • lostzilla posted on 23.07. at 09:54
    Best Jate vid ever.

    What happened to Sidewalks and brand New Day??
  • dreamcatcher posted on 23.07. at 07:39
    How did I miss this one Holly?

    Wait, give me a second. *recovers from heart attack*

    THAT WAS AMAZING!!! I loved every second of it, and it's gotta be my favorite of your vids. Song choice was perfect, and the lyrics matched the clips. Loved that quick Jack/Sarah/Kate/Tom sequence and all of the scenes with Kate and the toy airplane were beautiful. And anything that has Jack in it makes me cry. So... I loved it. Great job!
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