by Award: Best Best "Faith" Character Study of 2007 ~ Runner-Up

Chosen by the LVI Council as a nominee for the Best "Faith" Character Study of 2007

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Best "Faith" Character Study of 2007 ~ Runner-Up

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  • Webs

    by AlcoholicPixie 08-10-2007
    Lost: July 2007 contest 2nd place winner! A study of different relationships in Kate's life and how, though she never meant them to turn out badly, somehow they have a habit of doing just that.
  • Into the Fire - Ben

    by Polarbear 07-23-2007
    Lost: Ben's journey into the fire.
    Into the Fire - Ben
  • Wonderwall

    by cylune 05-29-2007
    Lost: Desmond keeps saving Charlie's life but in the end, it was Charlie who became Desmond's wonderwall
  • Let You Down

    by dayln03 04-17-2007
    Lost: Jack knows The Others can't be trusted because they lie. But in the end Jack does trust them, and becomes one of them and soon he's the one letting everyone else down
    Let You Down
1-4 of 4 Videos 1