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Best Drama of 2007 ~ Runner-Up

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  • Unwell

    by Uruviel 09-27-2007
    Lost: Jack's life off-island is a mess, then he's kidnapped by The Others and locked in a cage. All of this makes him slightly crazy.
  • The Sound Of Silence

    by wolffootball37 09-15-2007
    Lost: Benjamin Linus has had to lie and kill to keep his leadership, and the secrets of the Island secure. But now his words fall to the sound of silence...
    The Sound Of Silence
  • I Didn't Understand

    by Lostaway 07-25-2007
    Lost: Eko never really understood his purpose. My first experiment with Sony Vegas.
    I Didn't Understand

    by the0nlychr1st1ne 04-12-2007
    Lost: desmonds flashes before your eyes tribute.
1-4 of 4 Videos 1