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Best Jacket of 2007 ~ Runner-Up

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  • Power of goodbye - Jacket

    by savage_anna 07-29-2007
    Lost: Jack and Juliette was together before the island, but smth goes wrong with their relations, she saw Jack with another woman, and decided to get highred on new Job. Jack following her there and trying to get her back to him..after that she forgiving him
    Power of goodbye - Jacket
  • Something Different

    by dayln03 02-11-2007
    Lost: Jack and Juliet have felt alot of the same pain in their lives. Now that they're on the island they have a chance for something different, something better, with each other.
    Something Different
  • Map of the Problematique

    by cylune 11-13-2006
    Lost: Jacket vid. Jack and Juliet are enemies but they must learn to trust each other.
    Map of the Problematique
1-3 of 3 Videos 1