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Second Round: Top 30 of 2007!

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LVI 2007 Tournament Contestant

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  • Don Juan deMarco

    by Joon 09-12-2007
    Lost: September 2007 contest 1st place winner! A psychiatrist must cure a young patient who presents himself as Don Juan deMarco, the greatest lover in the world. Will he succeed?
    Don Juan deMarco
  • Beautiful Disaster: Part Six: Save Me

    by littleton_pace 09-01-2007
    Lost: After remembering what happened to her while she was kidnapped by the Others, Claire heads back into the jungle with Kate and Rousseau. Together, they search for the vaccine that Claire believes is the only thing that will save Sawyer's life.
    Beautiful Disaster: Part Six: Save Me
  • Run

    by cylune 08-22-2007
    Lost: Charlie and Claire's time together was all too brief. Fate was denying them a future and it was time to say goodbye
  • Uninvited

    by Borislava 08-18-2007
    Lost: AU.On Anas funeral Kate sees an angel only she can sees.Slowly they fall in love and he give up on his eternity to spend their life together.But then something unexpected happen!
  • Til Kingdom Come

    by Jen 08-10-2007
    Lost: July 2007 contest submission.
    Til Kingdom Come
  • The Scientist

    by Akirehtur 08-10-2007
    Lost: July 2007 contest 1st place winner! AU, after the rescue Jack and Kate can't be together and Jack wants to go back to the start...
    The Scientist
  • All She Wrote

    by charmed_charlee 06-23-2007
    Lost: AU, What's In Claire's Diary. Charlie reads her diary and finds out what she thinks of everything and him.
    All She Wrote
  • Fever Dream

    by Aquilegia 06-20-2007
    Lost: Just short music video about Lost.It s something like a trailer.Music is from the movie 300
    Fever Dream
  • Drive Shaft: Sex Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll

    by IamSoLostRightNow 06-18-2007
    Lost: A theatrical trailer for Drive Shaft the movie.
    Drive Shaft: Sex Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll
  • Who Wants to Live Forever

    by Luka 06-14-2007
    Lost: All of them are lost. Through the looking glass, killers are heroes, junkies are martyrs, friends are lovers, the bad guys are the good ones, ilusions are hope and hope lies on liars hands. But still, they are all survivors and they wanna go home. Through
    Who Wants to Live Forever
  • Say What You Will

    by mistojen 06-04-2007
    Lost: Tribute vid to Boone, Shannon, and Charlie (as well as Shoone, PB&J, and Shayid) Purposefully a bit montage-y, fyi
    Say What You Will
  • Wonderwall

    by cylune 05-29-2007
    Lost: Desmond keeps saving Charlie's life but in the end, it was Charlie who became Desmond's wonderwall
  • The Secret That We Keep

    by dayln03 05-26-2007
    Lost: (AU) Jack, Claire, and Sawyer are all in a relationship they feel they have to keep secret. But the secret that once bound them together is now the same secret that tears them apart.
    The Secret That We Keep
  • No One Else

    by dayln03 04-14-2007
    Lost: (AU) A serious look at all that Jack/Sawyer's relationship has been through so far on the island.
    No One Else
  • Closing Time

    by marcus 04-07-2007
    Lost: Desmond went back in time only to end up making the exact same mistakes all over again.
    Closing Time
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