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First Round: Top 81 of 2006!

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LVI 2006 Tournament Contestant

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  • Before the Dawn

    by Michelina 10-16-2006
    Lost: Jack/Juliet. Chronicling the forbidden relationship between hostage and captor. Slightly AU.
    Before the Dawn
  • carry on dancing

    by savage_anna 10-16-2006
    Lost: Sawyer have a dream about his relations with Kate - first angst, then jeleous and in the end romantis and very passion. My first work with sony vegas 7, so don't be very cruel, I was tried to do my best..
    carry on dancing
  • Seven Deadly Sins

    by AlcoholicPixie 10-12-2006
    Lost: All of them are guilty... and one by one they pay for their sins...
    Seven Deadly Sins
  • Lost: The Other Side 9 - The Last Stand

    by Enchirito 10-04-2006
    Lost: The 9th and FINAL episode of our Lost fan film. See how it ends!
    Lost: The Other Side 9 - The Last Stand
  • Would?

    by xgene 09-30-2006
    Lost: Charlie vid. Mostly based on his drug problem. Splashed in some faith, Claire and Locke. Angst...I think.
  • Sensitive man

    by Liliana 09-28-2006
    Lost: Is Sawyer a sensitive man? Check it out!
    Sensitive man
  • Sayid's Angel

    by Fan4Lost 09-27-2006
    Lost: Sayid is 'literally' haunted by Shannon's ghost.
    Sayid's Angel
  • Soul Meets Body

    by Aislynn 09-26-2006
    Lost: Hurley's quest leads him to the one person who understands...
    Soul Meets Body
  • Hoodoo

    by PsychoCynic 09-18-2006
    Lost: She always loved him. Yet the more awful lies she hears about him, the more she is compelled to believe them. Ethan only wants to plead his case. But what happens when the very goodness he wants so eagerly to tell her about is seen as crazed and demented?
  • Save Us

    by Luka 09-08-2006
    Lost: After leave the Island, Desmond realizes that he´s the only person who can save the survivors. He decides to come back and help them, but now the time is running out...
    Save Us
  • It's Been Awhile

    by xgene 08-30-2006
    Lost: 1st vid. 2 vids have been done to this song but were about Sawyer, hope that's ok with you all. This vid is about Jack with some Jate splashed in. A little angsty.
    It's Been Awhile
  • Snakes on an Island

    by crazymol4588 08-27-2006
    Lost: A crossover between Snakes on a Plane and Lost.
    Snakes on an Island
  • Who Are They - Others

    by Miller17 08-22-2006
    Lost: A Video From The Infamous Jay And Jack Podcast/Vidcast -
    Who Are They - Others
  • Stupid

    by pumpkin_heart 08-14-2006
    Lost: This video is about Kate not wanting to deal with her feelings for Jack. She tries to convince herself that he's not good for her, but she can't quite manage it :P
  • Animal I Have Become

    by Shankle 08-11-2006
    Lost: July 2006 contest submission - We'd never know who Sawyer is without knowing his past
    Animal I Have Become
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