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Second Round: Top 27 of 2006!

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LVI 2006 Tournament Contestant

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  • Don't Bother

    by Hobbes 10-09-2006
    Lost: AU: Ana Lucia is desperate for Sayid's attention.
    Don't Bother
  • Lucy

    by Kaory 10-09-2006
    Lost: Ana Lucia is death but Sawyer can see her everywhere
  • Going Under

    by pumpkin_heart 10-09-2006
    Lost: A Jate video, kind of about Jack and Kate's most emotional moments on the island and how they tie in with each other. Please comment if you watch :D
    Going Under
  • Nobody's Home

    by AlcoholicPixie 08-18-2006
    Lost: Just an angsty little Kate vid about her past and how it affects her. September 2006 contest submission.
    Nobody's Home
  • Death is not the end

    by Borislava 08-05-2006
    Lost: Sequel to Last goodbye.It's been a year since Jack's death.Kate is seeing his ghost everywhere.She is going to make a very difficult or death?
    Death is not the end
  • Lips of an Angel

    by Michelina 07-20-2006
    Lost: AU and angsty Charlie/Claire. A pre-crash story about a forbidden relationship.
    Lips of an Angel
  • Dizzy

    by Belxf 07-14-2006
    Lost: AU. Charlie - a drug addict - is obsessed with Claire
  • The Island Groove

    by KajaM 07-06-2006
    Lost: June 2006 contest 2nd place winner! Featuring Sawyer as King Louie Walt as Mowgli Hurley as Baloo and lots of island weirdness and island groove. Sawyer wants to know Walts secret of how to make fire while Hurley shows him the bare necessities of life.
    The Island Groove
  • More than a Feeling - Desmond and Penelope

    by Polarbear 06-17-2006
    Lost: Desmond loves to listen to his music to relax because it reminds him of Penny.
    More than a Feeling - Desmond and Penelope
  • Other Side of the World

    by Lostzilla 06-13-2006
    Lost: Jate vid inspired by the actual Other Side of the World video
    Other Side of the World
  • Everything

    by Michelle 05-30-2006
    Lost: a very deep Jack/Kate video...showing the ups and downs of their relationship and that theyll will always be there for each other
  • Crush

    by Redhead 05-20-2006
    Lost: A slightly dark melodramtic vid about the extremes that Jack and Sawyer will go for Kate
  • Whats Left of Me

    by Fan4Lost 05-10-2006
    Lost: OMG! I did a Jate vid! LOL I just love the song. It has such a deep meaning and it thought it was perfect for both Jack and Kate. I still love you Sawyer!
    Whats Left of Me
  • Dirty Little Secret

    by Uruviel 03-10-2006
    Lost: Everyone on the island has secrets.
    Dirty Little Secret
  • Everything Changes

    by Lostzilla 12-04-2005
    Lost: A Jate video.
    Everything Changes
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