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First Round: Top 60 of 2005!

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LVI 2005 Tournament Contestant

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  • Lost Season 2 Trailer

    by Glassball 10-04-2005
    Lost: This is a Lost Season 2 Trailer i hope you enjoy.
    Lost Season 2 Trailer
  • BALD Recruitment

    by Polarbear 09-18-2005
    Lost: September 2005 contest 1st place winner!
    BALD Recruitment
  • I Cant Catch You

    by Freelancer 09-14-2005
    Lost: Shannon worries that she and Sayid will not last.
    I Cant Catch You
  • A--hole

    by crazymol4588 09-10-2005
    Lost: Sawyer is a jerk by nature.
  • Not goodbye

    by Ana B 09-06-2005
    Lost: A Jack/Kate AU video...
    Not goodbye
  • Cherish [ Claire & Sawyer ]

    by get_lost 08-09-2005
    Lost: After Sawyer gets back to the island, he watches Claire and wants to know her. As he gets closer, he realises that Charlie is back on Heroin and treating Claire badly. How can he convince Claire to be true to herself, and not let Charlie drag her down wit
    Cherish [ Claire & Sawyer ]
  • Leaving on a jet plane

    by Jaime 08-01-2005
    Lost: The characters lives before the island...
    Leaving on a jet plane
  • Tarzan and Jane

    by Mir 08-01-2005
    Lost: Sometimes Sawyer and Kate seem a bit like Tarzan and Jane. A Skate vid not meant to be taken too seriously.
    Tarzan and Jane
  • Hurley Hills

    by Acme54 07-19-2005
    Lost: Hurley video
    Hurley Hills
  • Sawyer's World

    by Deej 07-13-2005
    Lost: It's Sawyer's world. Everyone else just lives in it.
    Sawyer's World
  • Looking Through Your Eyes

    by Lostcalier 06-29-2005
    Lost: A look from Kate and Jack's perspective of what the future holds for them from the moment they formally met each other on the beach that first night. From the events in the airport to what the future held for them on the island.
    Looking Through Your Eyes
  • You're Beautiful

    by KajaM 06-28-2005
    Lost: My first vid ever. Sawyer likes Kate, but he knows he'll never be with her. Hope you'll like it
    You're Beautiful
  • Easier to Run

    by Leona 06-06-2005
    Lost: A Kate video about her dark past and how she wants to change it..
    Easier to Run
  • Scars

    by Uruviel 06-03-2005
    Lost: This vid is about Jack & how he cares a bit too much.
  • Jesus of Lost

    by crazymol4588 05-30-2005
    Lost: A mini-recap of the characters/events during season one.
    Jesus of Lost
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