"Lost Video Island" 6.0 Rules and Regulations   Last Updated 1/11/11

The goal of LVI has always been to bring vidders together in a welcoming, friendly community where we can share the vids we've made. In order to bring a quality service to our users, we have a few rules and regulations to keep LVI a fun, exciting place to visit while maintaining order. Please read the following rules and remember the last rule is the most important!

The Rules

1) No vidder can submit more than 5 videos in a month (contest entries do not apply to this amount). We have found in our experience that if a vidder can make multiple new videos in a single day, quality is usually the first aspect to go. This is a rule to hopefully encourage people to take extra time to perfect their videos before submitting them.

3) NO CLIP THEFT is permitted on LVI. Clip Theft is using part or all of another vidder’s video as your own without permission. Any submissions suspected of Clip Theft will not be accepted to the site. If a video already on the site is suspected of Clip Theft, it will be removed immediately. Vidders who continue to submit Clip Theft videos will be banned from LVI.
Please visit our forums for more info on Clip Theft. If you believe you have seen a video on LVI that contains stolen clips, please contact us privately with the name of the video you believe the clips were stolen from and the video you noticed the theft in. We will immediately look into the accusation and contact all parties concerned.

3) Do not submit multiple versions of the same video. If you want multiple versions of your video available (i.e. different size, different host, or new link), please edit the top post of your vid's thread on the forum to add alternate links. DO NOT resubmit the same video just to provide a new link. If you need any assistance, please contact a Council Member and we'll be glad to help you.

4) Every member is allowed to have one account. If you would like to change your username, please contact a Council Member for help. Creating a second account for fraudulent purposes (such as voting Gold for yourself, adding extra Gold votes to your friends' vids or carrying out grudge voting against another vidder) can result in you being banned.

5) Please keep voting fair. Remember that your vote is supposed to reflect the skill of the editing of the video, not for you to show that you hate the song, character or ship. If you can't stand a certain song/character/ship, then please simply don't watch that vid instead of casting a low vote. Grudge voting is also not allowed. If you have a personal problem with a vidder, please be honorable enough to simply NOT vote on their vids if you don't feel you can be impartial. Misusing the voting system in any way can result in you being banned from LVI.

6) Be respectful of other members.

7) Have FUN!

-The LVI Council