LVI Anniversary!

Welcome to LVI’s Second Annual Anniversary Celebration!!!


Once again, we bring you a month of festivities to celebrate the work and artistry of another year!

LVI Tournament 2006

Some of the most promising videos of the year, chosen by the Council, are pitted against one-another and voted on by LVI's Members to determine the best video of the year. In just six weeks, we will have one video, and one vidder, chosen by his or her peers, that is the absolute best of what 2006 has to offer at LVI. You may want to look forward to this.

LVI 2006 Open Vote

Not a CP-Winning LVI Member, but still want to join in the fun?! Take part in the LVI Open Vote, and help us figure out just which video deserves the title of Best Jate of 2006, Best Drama, Best AU, Best Ensemble, and many more! Cast your vote and enjoy some of the best videos of the year in your favourite categories!


Looking Over the Year

T'was a good year indeed. We grew more than is even imaginable, hitting first 1000, then 2000 videos, and we still haven't stopped. They weren't just okay vids either, they were great. So great, in fact, that we started seriously raising our standards of just how excellent a video could be, and the Silver CP was formed to award those vids on their way to this new height. As Our fandom began to mature, it developped its own culture of vids that were very diferent than those imagined by the writers of Lost, spawning outrageous pairings like EClaire, Jawyer, and.. Mevie. LVI accommodated all this, and encouraged it, assigning names and taking order. We all dealt with the humongous growth this site has had, and we still retained what we've always been. LVI's drive for great videos hasn't lessened, despite its ever-growing workload, and together we have all fought hard to keep it going ever-strong! Together, we've made this site even bigger and better than it has ever been, and still kept what's dearest to us! If LVI isn't a symbol of what a vidding fandom should be, then I don't know what is.

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible: Video Fans, LVI Members, and the LVI Council. You've all made this accumulated dream a reality.

LVI, Revolutionizing Fan Video Making.

-Hobbes of the LVI Council