The History of LVI   Last Updated 1/11/11

As most of you know, this site came to be when Enchirito and myself (lostcalier) joined forces as webmaster and founder. We both enjoyed making videos but like many other fans of the hit ABC show "LOST" we had nowhere to showcase our work. So began the dream to launch a LOST fan video site.

In November 2004, this site became a reality and quickly gained a following. Come January 2005, just a little over two months after our launch, our site archived and hosted nearly 70 fan made videos. Forcing us to upgrade to our 2.0 version and the introduction of our LVI Council. March 2005, we faced yet another challenge in our uphill battle to find a format that worked. Facing bandwidth issues we had to make yet another upgrade to a torrent based system, which led us to our 3.0 version. April 2005, we faced our greatest challenge yet. After losing all of our archived videos to our service provider we faced yet another upgrade. We couldn't have known at the time that our latest problem would give us the answer we had been looking for.

LVI was envisioned as a home for all Lost fan videos. The immense talent in this fandom wouldn't allow for that original vision to flourish, but even with all of our changes over the months it has been our hope to hang on to portions of that original vision. With LVI 4.0 we believe we have finally found the format that will take us well into the future. A nice blend of versions 1.0 and 2.0 while adding some exciting new features.

LVI will now accept and list all Lost fan videos on our site. Videos that pass the council will bare a special LVI insignia showing they are LVI approved. Even videos linked off site are still eligible to submit their videos for LVI council approval. See the Submit page for more details. We are now equipped with top of the line search features to allow you to easily find all of your favorite videos. We will also be continuing with our monthly contests and will continue to bring you exciting new challenges.

All video links on our site now lead to the forum so the creators of the videos can get feedback on their work. You can do no greater thing for an artist then make a quick, and honest, note about a particular video. While you are there, explore our ever-growing community and enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere. We hope all these new additions will allow LVI to maintain our goal to be the biggest and best Lost Video archive while providing a high quality service to the fandom.

Throughout the changes one thing has not changed, our love for videos, and we hope that all of you enjoy your time here. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions so don't be shy about contacting us on the forum. Be sure to check the Site Talk forums for updates on LVI.

Join us as we continue to work on revolutionizing the way LOST fan videos are delivered to the fandom.

-Lostcalier of The LVI Council,   1/03/06

Lostcalier’s speech above this one was delivered at the beginning of LVI 4.0, when LVI was still a small site with roughly 100 videos at its disposal. We just came out of a heavy re-work of the site and were bright-eyed and ready to face those hundreds of vids that were bound to come our way.

But we didn’t get hundreds, we got thousands.

And so, after long due, we’ve updated LVI to better suit its future as a Lost music video site. With 5.0, LVI has acquired a more personal layout, while still keeping the capabilities we need to sort the thousands of videos we receive every year. We’ve even incorporated login capabilities into multiple areas of the site to allow people to edit and vote on the videos. We hope that with these changes, we’ll be better able to store and appreciate all the great videos LVI will get in its lifetime. Our goal to provide a home for the Lost vidding world have never swayed, and we ask that you join us in LVI’s next big step into the vidding world.

Vive la LVI!

-Hobbes of The LVI Council,   3/12/07

With Lost coming to an end in 2010, we decided that it was time to take LVI to the next level. We want all of the things LVI has become known for, such as our welcoming community where vidders of all different experience levels can meet and swap tips about perfecting their craft, to now be available to all fandoms!

I hope that both Lostcalier and Enchirito are proud of what their site has grown to become 6 years down the line from when they first envisioned a Lost fan video site. Our goals remain the same as they were then and back when Hobbes spearheaded the changes that allowed LVI to incorporate member voting, among other things: we want to serve the vidding community as a fun and friendly site where you can watch and vote on vids, can hang out and chat with other vidders, and can discuss your favorite fandoms with other fans.

Though the specifics may have changed over the years, our dedication to giving vidders a place to share their work remains the same. We hope that you'll join us as we make this next step in LVI's evolution!

Long live, LVI!

-Aislynn of The LVI Council,   1/11/11