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Aaron Littleton

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  • All the Best Cowboys (Jack Shephard)

    by scarlett_106 05-11-2015
    A little vidlet I've been wanting to do for a while now, focusing on how Jack's relationships with Aaron and then David helped him work through his daddy issues. It was really satisfying, as a Jack fan, to see him find peace and be able to let go of the d
    All the Best Cowboys (Jack Shephard)
  • Charlie Pace Season 4 - 6 Part 2

    by Jemmz 02-28-2015
    Charlie struggles to adjust to his life as part of the Oceanic 7. Once again for Kat :)
    Charlie Pace Season 4 - 6 Part 2
  • Charlie Pace Season 4 - 6 Part 1

    by Jemmz 12-31-2014
    For Kat's wishlist :) She wished for a vid about Charlie living passed season three. How could I resist?
    Charlie Pace Season 4 - 6 Part 1
  • Course Correction

    by Jemmz 11-02-2014
    September 2014 contest 1st place winner! Why did the universe want Charlie to die?
    Course Correction
  • I Am Alone || Jack/Brennan

    by Athena Alexandria 10-02-2011
    September 2011 contest 3rd place winner! Temperance Brennan as Kate Austen.
    I Am Alone || Jack/Brennan
  • Aaron Littleton

    by BethJill 04-26-2011
    Kate and Claire return home to raise their son, but nothing is ever that simple. (full description on youtube)
    Aaron Littleton
  • Aaron's Dream of Wonderland

    by Im1oftheOceanic6 03-24-2011
    March 2011 contest 3rd place winner! An interpretation of Alice in Wonderland through Aaron's eyes.
    Aaron's Dream of Wonderland
  • Lost- Mother's Day

    by Im1oftheOceanic6 05-10-2010
    Happy Mother's Day!Video paying tribute to mothers everywhere including those from Lost.
    Lost- Mother's Day
  • Sacrifice Part 2 (Jate AU)

    by Athena Alexandria 04-09-2010
    Collab with nikkimonique. After escaping the island, Jack and Kate go home to LA to start a new life with Aaron and their son. But Claire won't let them forget what they did...
    Sacrifice Part 2 (Jate AU)
  • Falling Star

    by Jemmz 04-04-2010
    A Claire S6 character study vidlet with the creepy music used at the end of 6x06.
    Falling Star
  • all that matters - claire

    by littleton_pace 03-03-2010
    A vidlette about a mother who just wants to be with her son. 6x06 spoilers.
    all that matters - claire
  • Castles and Kingdoms

    by nikkimonique 02-01-2010
    Kate realizes that Aaron needs to be with his Mom and she goes back to the Island to find Claire. Special thanks to ScrollLocke for writing this song for them. Credit to Kat for the vid pic.
    Castles and Kingdoms
  • Aaron's cuppycakes

    by blackwolf1480 01-09-2010
    In Aaron's POV, as he expresses his love for Charlie and Claire. A tribute to the greatest family on the Island.
    Aaron's cuppycakes
  • Grown-Up Christmas List

    by Lostwithoutdom 12-24-2009
    December 2009 contest 1st place winner! - AU - Charlie and Claire have been through a lot over the years. This Christmas they finally have something to be thankful for. Eachother
    Grown-Up Christmas List
  • Goodnight

    by Jemmz 12-24-2009
    A video about Claire and Aaron and how even though now they're apart, they'll be together again soon. For Kat!
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