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Bio: I'm a 20 year old girl from Germany and a huge Lost fan since I watched the first episode on German TV. It was a coincidence that I discovered Lost (I only watched it because Dominic Monaghan was in it, who I knew from my all time favourite movie Lord of the Rings) and I loved it because it's a great show that also "challanges people to think" as actor Naveen Andrews said. By another lucky coincidence (or fate? ;-)) I stumbled upon this great site! After watching some great clips I decided to try to do one myself and now I catch myself by time to time thinking: 'Hum, for which character of Lost could I use this one?" when I listen to a great song. My favourite characters are: Kate, Sawyer (suprise, surprise!), Desmond, Sayid, Alex

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  • Lost Season 4 Finale Recap

    by Liliana 06-02-2008
    Lost: Another recap of the season 4 finale.
    Lost Season 4 Finale Recap
  • Lost Season 3

    by Liliana 12-03-2007
    Lost: A look back on what happened in season 3
    Lost Season 3
  • I don't remember

    by Liliana 07-24-2007
    Lost: AU vid: con man Sawyer wakes up one morning without knowing where he is. He doesn't realize that Kate got him drunk and into a trap because he stole her friends money and she wants to get it back.
    I don't remember
  • The War Of The Roses

    by Liliana 07-04-2007
    Lost: June 2007 contest submission
    The War Of The Roses
  • Sawyer

    by Liliana 05-28-2007
    Lost: It's kind of a trailer for a movie about the life of James 'Sawyer' Ford.
  • Cryin'

    by Liliana 04-16-2007
    Lost: After my last funny videos it was time to do a classical Skate vid again!
  • Reading is sexy!

    by Liliana 04-14-2007
    Lost: This short vid has a history - a friend and I had a discussion about how you could encourage people to read more. This vid might be a possibility... ;-p
    Reading is sexy!
  • Charlie & Hurley

    by Liliana 04-09-2007
    Lost: Just a funny little story with Charlie & Hurley. I wanted to do some experiments with effects, so sorry if it's not perfect...
    Charlie & Hurley
  • Sweet Home Alabama

    by Liliana 01-28-2007
    Lost: A crossover vid with Lost and the film Sweet Home Alabama.
    Sweet Home Alabama
  • The Island

    by Liliana 01-25-2007
    Lost: This a trailer for the film The Island using Scences from Lost
    The Island
  • When I look to the sky...

    by Liliana 01-19-2007
    Lost: Thinking about Penny helps Desmond to get through his darkest hours on the island.
    When I look to the sky...
  • Knocked down

    by Liliana 12-11-2006
    Lost: Sawyer gets knocked down many times on the island - but he always gets up again...
    Knocked down
  • Closer

    by Liliana 11-14-2006
    Lost: This is just a little Skate vid...
  • The Village

    by Liliana 11-02-2006
    Lost: A trailer for the film The Village with clips from Lost.
    The Village
  • Crazy

    by Liliana 10-14-2006
    Lost: Kate realizes that there is a link between the two - being close to craziness and being close to Sawyer...
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