The War Of The Roses by Liliana




  • CharCassie24 posted on 19.12. at 01:17
    That was sooo good! LOL I love that movie
  • Firi posted on 06.07. at 09:13
    Oh my goodness! I was laughing almost the entire time.

    "I want a divorce."
    "You can't have one."

    LOL! Fantastic job!
  • secret_neo posted on 05.07. at 16:54
    Wow, great job. I'm a trailer maker and I gotta say this was GREAT. Never heard of the movie tho, lol.
  • wolffootball37 posted on 05.07. at 14:10
    FUNNY!!!! haha! I loved the "I want a divorce" Part also, and loved Hurley as Danny Davito!!! Great Job!!!
  • Trinity184 posted on 05.07. at 12:34
    Awww that was so good, nice lip-synch, really liked the moment "I want divorce" and the ending. Oh and Hurley... sweet !!
    Great job, very funny !
  • KajaM posted on 05.07. at 06:41
    That was so funny! The clip choice is great and you did a wonderful job on the lip sync! I liked it a lot!
  • Aislynn posted on 04.07. at 22:52
    That was AWESOME! Great lip-sync, great clip choices, and I was just pretty much laughing delightedly the whole way through it! Fantastic!
  • Uruviel posted on 04.07. at 22:22
    This was great!!! So unique! Loved it!
  • Liliana posted on 04.07. at 18:00
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    "The War Of The Roses" 06-26-2007
    June 2007 contest submission
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    Vidder: Liliana
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