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First Round: Top 120 of 2007!

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LVI 2007 Tournament Contestant

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  • A Lost Hero Falls

    by Karowyn 10-07-2007
    Lost: September 2007 contest 2nd place winner! Full description on youtube.
    A Lost Hero Falls
  • Wake Up Call

    by Captain Freya 09-22-2007
    Lost: Follows the story of the Maroon 5 video. Full description on Youtube. Comments and ratings would be muchos appreciated
    Wake Up Call
  • Living's A Problem Because Everything Dies - Jack

    by hellybongo 09-18-2007
    Lost: A look at Jack's time on the island
    Living's A Problem Because Everything Dies - Jack
  • Far Away

    by AngelNanoo 09-04-2007
    Lost: James is in the air force and gets called for duty on a dangerous mission...the day after he leaves kate finds out that she is pregnant...will she become a widow and her child not have a father??
    Far Away
  • Love it when you call - Jacket

    by Polarbear 09-01-2007
    Lost: Jack and Juliet were married and very much in love before Juliet was offered an unmissable opportunity to work for a secret government agency in a remote location. She was forbidden to take anyone with her so she had to leave Jack behind and couldn't even
    Love it when you call - Jacket
  • Light Surrounding You

    by starryeyesxx 08-28-2007
    Lost: Kate is insecure about how Jack feels about her, but she doesn't know that he sees what makes her special - & that's what makes him love her.
    Light Surrounding You
  • Built This Way

    by charmed_charlee 08-24-2007
    Lost: August 2007 contest submission. Is Shannon Built This Way?
    Built This Way
  • Closing In

    by SunnyD 08-13-2007
    Lost: AU. When Claire becomes sick, it sends Charlie down a dark and twisted path. (more)
    Closing In
  • swallowed

    by SuperKC 08-10-2007
    Lost: July 2007 contest submission
  • Webs

    by AlcoholicPixie 08-10-2007
    Lost: July 2007 contest 2nd place winner! A study of different relationships in Kate's life and how, though she never meant them to turn out badly, somehow they have a habit of doing just that.
  • Who's Fault

    by Killers Angel Eyes 08-02-2007
    Lost: AU. Kate and Sawyer have a history together. He goes to prison and she is left to move on with her life. Full description can be found on YouTube.
    Who's Fault
  • Promo Lost S4

    by Michelle 07-30-2007
    Lost: It's a promo, like a trailer of S4 from LOST!! It's like a game of words, all of them connected, well... see it and enjoy!!
    Promo Lost S4
  • Power of goodbye - Jacket

    by savage_anna 07-29-2007
    Lost: Jack and Juliette was together before the island, but smth goes wrong with their relations, she saw Jack with another woman, and decided to get highred on new Job. Jack following her there and trying to get her back to him..after that she forgiving him
    Power of goodbye - Jacket
  • Scared

    by mistojen 07-26-2007
    Lost: The Losties let the fear in; let it do its thing...but only for five seconds.
  • The Other Side of Summer

    by thefilmchick 07-18-2007
    Lost: Ensemble video using summery lyrics.
    The Other Side of Summer
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