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Best Romance of 2006 ~ Runner-Up

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  • Against All Odds

    by cylune 08-27-2006
    Lost: Charlie and Claire endure a difficult separation and hope for a future together.
    Against All Odds
  • Come What May

    by Luka 08-13-2006
    Lost: After two months on the island, Jack and Kate are still there for each other... Come what may
    Come What May
  • By My Side

    by Uruviel 07-20-2006
    Lost: A Desmond/Pen vid about how Desmond misses Penelope.
    By My Side
  • Everything

    by Michelle 05-30-2006
    Lost: a very deep Jack/Kate video...showing the ups and downs of their relationship and that theyll will always be there for each other
1-4 of 4 Videos 1