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  • In My Skin || Alex Petrelli (OC)

    by Jemmz 11-18-2011
    A character study video for my Heroes OC, Alex Petrelli. I used Shia LaBeouf to portray him. You can find out more about Alex here: http://all-my-secrets.webs.com/heroesoc.htm
    In My Skin || Alex Petrelli (OC)
  • i come to you in pieces (peter/elle) - au

    by jacquelin825 11-15-2011
    an AU video about the pairing of Peter&Elle from Heroes...full description on youtube
    i come to you in pieces (peter/elle) - au
  • Goodnight & Go || Pemma

    by Jemmz 09-05-2011
    Sweet little vidlet of Peter and Emma from Heroes.
    Goodnight & Go || Pemma
  • Switchback || Peter+Sylar AU

    by Jemmz 07-01-2011
    An old crazy!AU. Peter absorbs Sylar's power and the two go on a killing spree. More info on Youtube. Sorry about the intro and the messiness of this vid - my excuse is it's old :P
    Switchback || Peter+Sylar AU
  • My Road

    by Jemmz 06-18-2011
    An old vid centered around the first ep of 'Fugitives'. Peter and Claire have always had Nathan and Noah there to help them on their journeys. But now, they have betrayed them in one of the worst ways possible. Vimeo link is better! Pass: jemmzvids
    My Road
  • (Scattered) Pieces || Peter+Nathan

    by Jemmz 06-07-2011
    An old Peter/Nathan tribute I made before Volume 5.
    (Scattered) Pieces || Peter+Nathan
  • This is Goodbye - Paire 2.0

    by Jemmz 04-25-2011
    Claire and Peter go through a bad break-up.
    This is Goodbye - Paire 2.0
  • Learn My Lesson

    by Jemmz 04-13-2010
    Lost/Heroes. Boone and Elle are in a serious relationship, but Elle's commitment issues lead to arguments and heartache - something Boone blames himself for as he continues to make the same mistakes time and time again.
    Learn My Lesson
  • Undisclosed Desires

    by Jemmz 12-26-2009
    Secret Santa gift for Aislynn. This is a video of two of her favourite ships - Skate and Syelle!
    Undisclosed Desires
  • Hysteria (Sylar / Juliet / Peter)

    by MariaPurt 10-01-2009
    Both Peter and Sylar want Juliet, but she can't choose, so they fight and the winner takes it all. Who's going to win? You'll never guess.
    Hysteria (Sylar / Juliet / Peter)
  • Awake and Alive (Sylar / Juliet)

    by MariaPurt 09-21-2009
    Juliet fights and kills Sylar, but he regenerates. Then he haunts Jules but then they end up loving each other (how pathetic, huh?) I suck with the sumaries, but then Sylar sees Juliet being with somebody else (kissing Sawyer to be exact) and he tries to
    Awake and Alive (Sylar / Juliet)
  • All I Want

    by Jemmz 04-08-2009
    After an accident leaves Peter unable to remember himself or the woman he loves, Kate is left with the decision to run away from their already difficult relationship or to stay with a man she cares deeply for even though he doesn't remember her.
    All I Want
  • My Skin

    by Jemmz 12-30-2008
    A completely different kind of Paire! Claire Littleton falls in love with mentally ill Peter Petrelli. Please read the full description on YouTube
    My Skin
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