Hosting Guide

Here are some streaming, downloadable and combination streaming/downloadable hosting places that we're aware of out there in which you can use to host your vid. Please be aware that most downloadable places only host your files for a short period of time before they will be deleted. Many places also require you to register for a free account to use their services. Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions and Terms of Services for each respective hosting place for any questions you may have about those or any other restrictions they may have.

IMPORTANT: Please consider submitting your video to LVI with two separate links, either a streaming and a downloadable link or two different streaming hosts. Using only a Youtube link can often result in many members and Council Members being unable to view it because of how often Youtube blocks and mutes vids for certain countries.

Streaming Hosts:

Streaming and downloadable hosts:

Downloadable hosts:

Enjoy and good luck!