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Jack Shephard

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  • Audrey's Island-Lost/Haven Crossover

    by Im1oftheOceanic6 04-03-2018
    Needing a break from the troubles in Haven, Audrey takes a fateful trip that leads her to Lost Island
    Audrey's Island-Lost/Haven Crossover
  • All the Best Cowboys (Jack Shephard)

    by scarlett_106 05-11-2015
    A little vidlet I've been wanting to do for a while now, focusing on how Jack's relationships with Aaron and then David helped him work through his daddy issues. It was really satisfying, as a Jack fan, to see him find peace and be able to let go of the d
    All the Best Cowboys (Jack Shephard)
  • Still Mine - Unchained Melody (Jate)

    by scarlett_106 02-18-2015
    I got inspired to do a really romantic Jate vid when I heard this song for the first time in a while. The lyrics really spoke to me about my OTP! <3 Thanks tjmack1986 for the coloring (I covered it with texture but still, loved it)! I'm trying to improve
    Still Mine - Unchained Melody (Jate)
  • Change of Time

    by scarlett_106 01-23-2015
    The most important part in the survivors' lives was their time on the island, with each other. This vid is my attempt at showing why Lost means so much to so many people--these intense, inspiring, heartbreaking moments that we lived through with these cha
    Change of Time
  • Jack Shephard || Leap of Faith

    by EMMALOUISE 09-17-2013
    Leap of Faith
    Jack Shephard || Leap of Faith
  • Forget Me Not

    by starryeyesxx 08-08-2012
    Just all my fave angsty Jate scenes together!
    Forget Me Not
  • j&k / Mine Again

    by JaterJabs815 07-17-2012
    I adore these two and I love this song. Hope you like it and tell me what you think! :)
    j&k / Mine Again
  • Save Me From Myself

    by starryeyesxx 07-02-2012
    Just a little Jack/Kate video, but I experimented around with the effects a bit to try and create a calm, content mood.
    Save Me From Myself
  • Jack/Bridget-Somebody That I Used to Know

    by ciaimpala 06-19-2012
    Bridget and Jack met and fell in love while they were both addicts, but now Bridget is clean.
    Jack/Bridget-Somebody That I Used to Know
  • Lay Your Hands

    by starryeyesxx 06-13-2012
    Just a lil Jack/Boone video, there wasn't much of a friendship there, but they were alike in a lot ways, they both did all they could to help people and it's what got both of them killed. At least they're in heaven together now!
    Lay Your Hands
  • Far Away

    by starryeyesxx 03-24-2012
    This is really short & kind of a remake, I made a Jack/Shannon video years ago & I just always wanted to make something of the hospital manips & the concept that Jack & Shannon were together & then he couldn't save her father, so that's basically all this
    Far Away
  • Jack Shephard: You Can Let Go Now [LOST]

    by RedeemingTheUneven 03-12-2012
    This vid looks at Jack's reluctance to give in and inability to let go, and his eventual 'switch' once reason and destiny made themselves clear and unquestionable.
    Jack Shephard: You Can Let Go Now [LOST]
  • Jack & Christian- Need it to be done

    by Wildcat 12-17-2011
    A video about Jack and his father. They had their ups and downs, but they always cared one way or another about each other.
    Jack & Christian- Need it to be done
  • LOST-Off The Hook

    by DJC Productions 12-16-2011
    Jack, Christian, Vincent vid focused around Locke's audio from ep.1.10.
    LOST-Off The Hook
  • Jack and Kate || Ships in the night

    by EMMALOUISE 12-12-2011
    Just wasting time trying to prove whose right
    Jack and Kate || Ships in the night
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