Iris by fallsofast

  • "Iris" 06-22-2005
    A Charlie and Claire video, I always thought this song fit them, but for some reason I never actually made a video to it, until now..that is.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
    Vidder: fallsofast
    Length: 4:41 (6.28MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: "PB&J"


  • c&c4ever posted on 09.10. at 07:46
    this music video is sooooooooooo awsome it rocks!!
  • hersheygal55 posted on 30.09. at 08:34
    awesome job! great video.
  • northerlyartemis posted on 22.07. at 14:06
    I'm a huge c/c shipper and a big fan of this song so I loved the vid! Keep it up dude!
  • fallsofast posted on 13.07. at 16:19
    hehe thank you =] Glad you liked it
  • legendarydom posted on 13.07. at 03:35
    That is one of the best vids i have seen. it is pure and simple, beautiful. the song fits perfect.
  • legendarydom posted on 13.07. at 03:10
    Oh my, i think i am forever in your debt, i have so many charlie and claire vids i promised myself i would not have any more, but when i saw u had used this song i had to have it!!!! its d/loading now.
  • fallsofast posted on 26.06. at 15:36
    Thanks! =] Gotta love the C/C
  • CharlieandClaire posted on 26.06. at 15:05
    Awesome!! I can NEVER get enough C/C music video's!! Great job!
  • fallsofast posted on 25.06. at 15:57
    Hehe thanks, I thought it fit them too
  • LostFate25 posted on 25.06. at 06:52
    luvd the vid! perfect song for a c/c vid too!
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