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  • Airplanes

    by fallsofast 05-19-2010
    Lost: Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now.
  • For You I Will

    by fallsofast 01-21-2010
    Lost: I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have and cannonball into the water, for you i will
    For You I Will
  • If Everyone Cared

    by fallsofast 12-07-2007
    Lost: It's pretty self-explanatory, no storyline behind it, just a general look at the Losties. Only really follows S1-2 'cause I'm behind on my clips by a lot.
    If Everyone Cared
  • Signal Fire

    by fallsofast 09-15-2007
    Lost: In the confusion and the aftermath, you are my signal fire. Basically just a bunch of plotless fluff
    Signal Fire
  • So Far Away

    by fallsofast 07-06-2007
    Lost: Once Charlie and Claire finally reach the redemption point of deciding to never give up on each other, their past obstacles and disagreements seem so far away from the people they are now.
    So Far Away
  • Are We Having Fun Yet

    by fallsofast 09-28-2006
    Lost: An AU Charlie & Claire video. They were together before the crash. Charlie's point of view as he reflects on how poorly he treated Claire in the past and how being on the island has changed him into a better man.
    Are We Having Fun Yet
  • That's The Girl

    by fallsofast 05-06-2006
    Lost: Charlie is utterly smitten with Claire - and he makes sure the whole island knows it.
    That's The Girl
  • I'll be

    by fallsofast 04-28-2006
    Lost: As Charlie and Claire's relationship gets deeper, so does their dedication to one another.
    I'll be
  • Everything You Want

    by fallsofast 03-11-2006
    Lost: Charlie's point of view as Claire ponders over why she can't put her relationship with Charlie behind her.
    Everything You Want
  • Dance Dance

    by fallsofast 01-12-2006
    Lost: Dance Dance, and these are the lives you'd love to lead. Combines LOST with the UK promo
    Dance Dance
  • Damaged

    by fallsofast 07-24-2005
    Lost: Kate's damaged, she knows it, everyone knows it. Implied Jack/Kate
  • forgiven, not forgotten

    by fallsofast 07-14-2005
    Lost: Shannon forgives Boone for everything, but she'll never forget him.
    forgiven, not forgotten
  • Iris

    by fallsofast 06-22-2005
    Lost: A Charlie and Claire video, I always thought this song fit them, but for some reason I never actually made a video to it, until now..that is.
  • Torn

    by fallsofast 06-20-2005
    Lost: A video from Claire's POV about her and Thomas
  • Sing With Me

    by fallsofast 06-14-2005
    Lost: Charlie realizing the past is gone and beginning to move on/dreaming 'till his drems come true.
    Sing With Me
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