Haunted - Kate's Journey by Lostcalier

  • "Haunted - Kate's Journey" 03-03-2005
    Kate's journey from the bank robbery to her time on the island. All told through Kate's minds eye.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Haunted by Evanescence
    Vidder: Lostcalier
    Length: 3:11 (9.16MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Kate Austen


  • Encejodick posted on 07.10. at 16:24

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  • no1slayer posted on 06.10. at 12:05
    really really good vid, i like your explanation of the transitions. normally those annoy me but its good that you explained them so i understand why theyre there. enjoyed the vid , just shows that kates been through alot hasnt she. kate rocks woohoo
  • lostcalier posted on 12.09. at 01:24
    Sorry it's taken so long but I finally got new working links on my vids. This one has a YouTube link for it now. Enjoy and feedback is always appreciated!!!
  • Hobbes posted on 21.05. at 18:15
  • Cliodna posted on 03.03. at 14:44
    I really liked this video! And I love your reasoning for using the dissolve effect, even it if drives me absolutely insane.
  • lostcalier posted on 03.03. at 13:48
    "Haunted - Kate's Journey"
    Kate's journey from the bank robbery to her time on the island. All told through Kate's minds eye.
    Song: Haunted by Evanescence
    Vidder: A. Hicks (lostcalier)
    Length: 3:11 (9.16MB WMV)

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e44IZRZbn8

    Well it's been a while since my last video but finally here is my latest video. I honestly think a lot of things could have been done differently in it.

    I knew going in I wanted to tell the "story" within the video from Kate's perspective and it took me a while to figure out how I would really do that. Then I decided to do it from Kate's mind's eye, in other words through her memory, which then meant I had to find a way to seperate the memory sequences from the present Kate sequences. Which led me to thinking about the way people think.

    I realized that the way I could set the two parts apart is by using different types of transitions. Everytime the video leaves a memory sequence or enters a memory sequence you get a fade to white transition. But I didn't want to have nice clean transitions for the memory sequences because we all know when we're thinking or remembering something it's not always nice and cleanly cut so I decided to go with a transition, that I may never use again, that wasn't very neat or clean which led me to the dissolve transition (which can be a real pain to use at times).

    The entire video is told in a near chronological timeline. It starts with Kate remembering the bank robbery, then moves to her time in Australia, leading up to her capture, then the plane crash, then a chronological rememberance of things that have happened since she got on the island.

    There are a few spots I wasn't happy with in the dissolve transitions but I quickly got over that as I realized it added to the whole cloudy look on how a person really thinks. I'm not sure if anyone else other then me would understand what was going on in the video without a bit of commentary so there you have it.

    I honestly think to date the first video, I've made, that I'm actually proud of, but it took me watching it several times after finishing it to really appreciate what I had made. I like all of my videos but I can name a million and one different things I could change in all of the ones before this one. I think just by having created LVI and being around all of you amazing vidders on a daily bases that I myself have grown as a music video maker.

    I realized making this video that if you don't take the time to really sit down and think through what you're doing you're not going to put out a quality product. I think Laura pointed this song out to me several weeks ago and it took me a good amount of time to just think through what I would do it on and then it took a good 4 days of editing to put this thing together. And that was a lot faster then I expected it to be but I had such a good idea in my mind when I went into working on it that it just kind of came together.

    It was a different way for me to go about telling a "story" so I hope you guys enjoy it. I love constructive criticism so if you hate it let me know why so I can put more thought into that aspect of my next video. And if you love it let me know why so I can remember those details for future videos.

    We had a big update yesterday so I'll stop taking up valuable video watching time with this post. Go watch the amazing videos we posted last night. All 13 of them .[/b]
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