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  • Multi-Couples: 'Say That You Never Loved Me'

    by tjmack1986 01-19-2015
    Multifandom: Wishlist gift for luvtheheaven5 on YT
    Multi-Couples: 'Say That You Never Loved Me'
  • Blame it on Me || Lucas Taylor

    by Jemmz 09-26-2014
    Terra Nova: Character study. Lucas hates his father for blaming him for his mother's death. (Starring Jennifer Beals as Ayani Taylor)
    Blame it on Me || Lucas Taylor
  • Haunted

    by starryeyesxx 12-12-2012
    Lost: An AU video - Kate feels like the spirit of her father is after her and wants revenge. I hope the rest if pretty obvious!
  • Missing// Belle&Gold [Once Upon a Time]

    by i.luv.telenovelas 04-13-2012
    Once Upon A Time: See youtube for full description.
    Missing// Belle&Gold [Once Upon a Time]
  • Taking Over Me-Once Upon A Time.

    by clairebennettforever 03-30-2012
    Once Upon A Time: A Mad Swan Video. Jefferson and Emma. Plotline. Emma has met Jefferon before. Though in wonderland when she time traveled back somehow through her own magical glass mirror and used the codename .Alice. Thus Alice In Wonderland. She meets Jefferson as know
    Taking Over Me-Once Upon A Time.
  • Sweet Sacrifice || Lucas Taylor

    by Jemmz 01-03-2012
    Terra Nova: Character study of Lucas Taylor from Terra Nova, who I think is probably the best part of the show.
    Sweet Sacrifice || Lucas Taylor
  • all that's left of yesterday

    by PsychoCynic 08-17-2011
    Supernatural: Dean gets into a car crash when a headache incapacitates him. As they learn more about his symptoms, Dean and Sam realize he's been living with a serious blood infection. Vidlet was done as a response to a tags challenge where I chose to do something with
    all that's left of yesterday
  • Lost-Taking Over Me

    by Im1oftheOceanic6 07-24-2011
    Lost: 'I believe in you.I'll give up everything just to find you.I have to be with you, to live,to breathe.You're taking over me.'
    Lost-Taking Over Me
  • Don't Forget - Credits

    by littleton_pace 07-18-2011
    Original Story: Opening credits for a TV show Jemma made up for me.
    Don't Forget - Credits
  • Before the Dawn

    by cylune 07-06-2011
    Battlestar Galactica: July 2011 contest submission. The deep connection between Kara and Lee.
    Before the Dawn
  • Haunted

    by Im1oftheOceanic6 10-21-2010
    Lost: A video about the smoke monsters reign of terror on the islands inhabitants.Happy Halloween October 2013 contest 3rd place winner! Vid available by request.
  • Lost- Mother's Day

    by Im1oftheOceanic6 05-10-2010
    Lost: Happy Mother's Day!Video paying tribute to mothers everywhere including those from Lost.
    Lost- Mother's Day
  • Ugly

    by khaleesi 01-18-2010
    Lost: Jack and Kate are happy together until Kate becomes emotionally unstable after a traumatic event. However, she feels a strong pull to her attacker...(Will not be continued)
  • Goodnight

    by Jemmz 12-24-2009
    Lost: A video about Claire and Aaron and how even though now they're apart, they'll be together again soon. For Kat!
  • Kate Austen - Whisper

    by lostie86 09-11-2009
    Lost: A Kate Character study
    Kate Austen - Whisper
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