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Username: lostcalier
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Bio: As all of you know I’m Lostcalier, founder of LVI. I am also about to be a senior in college studying film production. Film and everything to do with film have always been a passion of mine. Over the summer of 2004 I heard about this new show called Lost and thought it was a cool idea. Then I forgot about it until I accidentally stumbled upon it on the night of its premiere. I fell in love with the show in the first few moments of watching it. In the first few weeks of the show airing I started to see a calling for fan made videos. With my love of editing I always had an interest in them but had never made one. I felt my style was more suited for film editing. Then I found the art hidden within fan video making. After “White Rabbit” I made my first fan video “You Raise Me Up”. Which isn’t a great video by far, but is sentimental to me, because it started the dream of LVI. A few videos later and the idea of a Lost video site wouldn’t leave my head. But I had no webmaster skills. Then I had my first fateful meeting with Enchirito. With my financial backing and his incredible webmaster skills we brought my dream into existence. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine what LVI would become. With our growth came the need for some changes. A change that gave me the privilege of having the chance to work with some incredible vidders who I will always admire and respect: Hobbes (Warren), Laura, Charmax, Jake, and LostZilla, not to mention my partner in crime Enchirito. I can’t imagine LVI without them. I pay the bills but the vidders of this community and all the people I named above are what make LVI special. Thanks for making the dream come true! -Lostcalier 5/6/05

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  • 1000 Videos

    by Lostcalier 01-19-2006
    Lost: A tribute to LVI vidders and staff for reaching the amazing 1000 archived videos mark.
    1000 Videos
  • Perfect - Jack's Past (Remix)

    by Lostcalier 07-02-2005
    Lost: Jack's life has always revolved around his father. Even with his dad dead he can't shake the past that he thought he left behind.
    Perfect - Jack's Past (Remix)
  • Looking Through Your Eyes

    by Lostcalier 06-29-2005
    Lost: A look from Kate and Jack's perspective of what the future holds for them from the moment they formally met each other on the beach that first night. From the events in the airport to what the future held for them on the island.
    Looking Through Your Eyes
  • Haunted - Kate's Journey

    by Lostcalier 03-03-2005
    Lost: Kate's journey from the bank robbery to her time on the island. All told through Kate's minds eye.
    Haunted - Kate's Journey
  • You Raise Me Up - Charlie/Claire

    by Lostcalier 01-27-2005
    Lost: Charlie is struggling with his inner demons and Claire is struggling with accepting the situation she is in. Apart they are alone and struggling but together they are strong and confident. Watch as they journey from loneliness to happiness.
    You Raise Me Up - Charlie/Claire
  • Welcome To My Life - Charlie's Addition

    by Lostcalier 01-27-2005
    Lost: Charlie must face his addiction and the symptoms of withdrawal. With a little help he might just have the courage and strength to beat his addiction. Watch Charlie's struggle from what led him to addiction to the moment where he saw the light again.
    Welcome To My Life - Charlie's Addition
  • Our Lives - The Survivors

    by Lostcalier 01-27-2005
    Lost: Every one of them is different, they struggle with there own demons, and have there own fears and joys. The one thing they all have in common is they survived a horrific plane crash and now must come together and survive on a remote deserted island.
    Our Lives - The Survivors
  • Follow Through - Start of Something Good

    by Lostcalier 01-27-2005
    Lost: Charlie and Claire have both been hurt by others. This is their journey to each other with clips of the moments that set them on the path to the island. They each needed someone to count on and in each other they found that.
    Follow Through - Start of Something Good
  • In My Secret Life - Mysterious Survivors

    by Lostcalier 01-27-2005
    Lost: Each survivor holds tight to a mysterious past. No matter how hard they try to hide or run from it the events from the past led them all together. This highlights some of the moments from our survivors mysterious backstories.
    In My Secret Life - Mysterious Survivors
  • This Land Is Mine - Kate's Choice

    by Lostcalier 11-18-2004
    Lost: Kate has always been an independent strong woman that didn't need a man. Now, Sawyer and Jack fight for her heart. Kate must choose but can she? Watch as Kate goes through the events that gives each a place in her heart.
    This Land Is Mine - Kate's Choice
  • Perfect - Jacks Past

    by Lostcalier 11-18-2004
    Lost: Jack has always lived in his father's shadow even with his father dead he still struggles to be the perfect son. With others looking to him for leadership he must face his past to move forward with his future.
    Perfect - Jacks Past
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