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Username: lostcalier
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Website: http://www.lostvideo.net
Email: lostvideo@gmail.comLVI
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Bio: As all of you know I’m Lostcalier, founder of LVI. I am also about to be a senior in college studying film production. Film and everything to do with film have always been a passion of mine. Over the summer of 2004 I heard about this new show called Lost and thought it was a cool idea. Then I forgot about it until I accidentally stumbled upon it on the night of its premiere. I fell in love with the show in the first few moments of watching it. In the first few weeks of the show airing I started to see a calling for fan made videos. With my love of editing I always had an interest in them but had never made one. I felt my style was more suited for film editing. Then I found the art hidden within fan video making. After “White Rabbit” I made my first fan video “You Raise Me Up”. Which isn’t a great video by far, but is sentimental to me, because it started the dream of LVI. A few videos later and the idea of a Lost video site wouldn’t leave my head. But I had no webmaster skills. Then I had my first fateful meeting with Enchirito. With my financial backing and his incredible webmaster skills we brought my dream into existence. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine what LVI would become. With our growth came the need for some changes. A change that gave me the privilege of having the chance to work with some incredible vidders who I will always admire and respect: Hobbes (Warren), Laura, Charmax, Jake, and LostZilla, not to mention my partner in crime Enchirito. I can’t imagine LVI without them. I pay the bills but the vidders of this community and all the people I named above are what make LVI special. Thanks for making the dream come true! -Lostcalier 5/6/05

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