The Game by Hobbes

  • "The Game" 03-02-2005
    It's all a game to Locke and the others are his pawns. But which side does he play on? Light or dark? You decide.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: The Game by Disturbed
    Vidder: Hobbes
    Length: 3:49 (11.1 MB AVI)
  • Characters/Ships: John Locke


  • Aislynn posted on 22.02. at 23:57
    I still love this vid! Actually, I think that I appreciate it even more now after so many viewings than when I first saw it. Locke rocks!

    And I really do love the song. All except one word. Warren knows which one I mean. I don't love that one. But all the others around it and that kickin' music, I so totally love!

    An excellent vid that has now stood the test of time and remains awesome.
  • ethanlives posted on 21.02. at 02:20
    Locke won me over with the orange peel smile and I'll stick with him whether he is good or bad. I've seen your "Speed of Sound" video and I have to say: It rocks! One I can rewatch over and again. You should be proud.
  • Hobbes posted on 19.02. at 22:18
    Thanks both of you! As from my avatar and screenname, Locke has, and always will be, my favourite character, so I'm proud that it's visible in my vids I suspect you've checked out the light side to this dark one in "Speed of Sound" by now, right?
  • ethanlives posted on 19.02. at 21:58
    It's official... I love your Locke vids. The effects and the scenes went really well with the music. It was well worth the watch. Good job.
  • phoenix39 posted on 02.02. at 20:02
    The Putfile actually worked this time. That was so awesome. It's been so long since I've heard that song. That was a great song for Locke. My favorite part was when Claire screamed.

    Keep rocking!
  • Hobbes posted on 06.12. at 21:48
    Sorry didn't!

    Here's a download link. I think it should work fine. Let me know how it works for you.

    Btw, there is a way to download from putfile still. check out this thread for details:

    And thanks for the comments SouthernPervert! I love it when someone checks out an oldie of mine.
  • phoenix39 posted on 05.12. at 18:33
    *bumoing in hopes thta Warren will see my question*
  • phoenix39 posted on 22.11. at 06:48
    Hobbes, I downloaded the DivX, but when I clicked on the Putfile link, it said that I need to download QuickTime software. Gah!

    Edit: When I downloaded Skaterboy, it worked just fine, so do you have a download link?

    Thanks so much for DivX link! You rock! *glomps and huggles*
  • SouthernPervert posted on 21.11. at 23:48
    Love the opening effect edits... excellent timing throughout it. Really liked the overall creepiness too. Makes you look at Locke in a whole new light!
  • Hobbes posted on 21.11. at 23:21
    Thanks easillyJaded! I never get much feedback on this one, so it's nice to hear

    E: if you're gonna self promote in my thread, the least you can do is promote my other Locke vid as well! Speed of Sound was meant to be the light vid to this one's dark. Hopefully you'll beable to see the true character of Locke somewhere in the middle of 'em both

    Phoenix39: Unfortunately, I do not but with a quick 5 miute download and installation of Divx : you'll never have trouble with an AVI file again.
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