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Hobbes (Warren)

Username: Hobbes
Alternate Name: Warren
Vidder Rank: Council Member
Other Fandoms: King Kong
Website: www.lostvideo.net
Email: devilmaycare_@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: My true name is Warren, but you can call me whatever you please. Vidder and CM ever since the forums here opened. If you're reading this, then thanks for being a fan! I hope my vids can make some sort of impact. Go LVI!!

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Hobbes's Videos

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  • Dark Rabbit - The Lost Tangent

    by Hobbes 04-24-2008
    Lost: A mysterious force compels Locke to fulfill his destiny. It's name... is Frank. A Donnie Darko/Lost Crossover.
    Dark Rabbit - The Lost Tangent
  • Don't Bother

    by Hobbes 10-09-2006
    Lost: AU: Ana Lucia is desperate for Sayid's attention.
    Don't Bother
  • It's Not Easy

    by Hobbes 04-15-2006
    Lost: Even heroes like Jack can feel unwanted sometimes. An abstract Jack character study - with animation.
    It's Not Easy
  • LVI: Orientation

    by Hobbes 12-26-2005
    Lost: With help from our good friend Billy, Hobbes outlines the basics of making a video great. Official Training Video.
    LVI: Orientation
  • Hallelujah

    by Hobbes 11-21-2005
    Lost: Jack and Kate tell the story of their relationship.
  • Speed of Sound

    by Hobbes 10-14-2005
    Lost: Locke does things not all of us agree with. But if you could see things from his point of view then you might just understand him.
    Speed of Sound
  • Your Horoscope for Today

    by Hobbes 06-19-2005
    Lost: An astrological forecast courtesy of Weird Al! What would a fandom be without it? WARNING: This film may be misleading to some viewers. Viewer's discretion is advised.
    Your Horoscope for Today
  • The Game

    by Hobbes 03-02-2005
    Lost: It's all a game to Locke and the others are his pawns. But which side does he play on? Light or dark? You decide.
    The Game
  • Part 2 - We Need a Hero!

    by Hobbes 02-03-2005
    Lost: Hobbes gives some helpful tips to make your video great in this educational video. Old LVI Training Video.
    Part 2 - We Need a Hero!
  • Part 1 - The Montage

    by Hobbes 02-02-2005
    Lost: Hobbes shows you what NOT to do in this educational video.. Old LVI Training Video.
    Part 1 - The Montage
  • Skaterboy

    by Hobbes 02-01-2005
    Lost: Hobbes proves that a Charlie Claire video doesn't have to be slow OR boring!
  • Staring at the Sun

    by Hobbes 02-01-2005
    Lost: Fun, fast-paced, headbanger that'll keep you on your toes.
    Staring at the Sun
  • Simple and Clean

    by Hobbes 02-01-2005
    Lost: A very well done ubeat pop song that really captures the strange feel of the island.
    Simple and Clean
  • Beautiful Goodbye

    by Hobbes 01-26-2005
    Lost: A desperate, passionate look at Jack and Kate, their unsure relationship, and the danger on the island.
    Beautiful Goodbye
1-14 of 14 Videos 1