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  • The 100 || Hello darkness, my old friend

    by tjmack1986 09-06-2016
    The 100: I've wanted to do an ensemble vid for this show, for quite some time, and Season three only made me want to do it even more. Tried to vary out the scenes from all seasons.
    The 100 || Hello darkness, my old friend
  • Down with the sickness

    by xSoppySofax 07-01-2011
    The Walking Dead: walking dead
    Down with the sickness
  • Hurt Again

    by LordXwee 07-31-2008
    Lost: AU. Ben is Juliet's abusive boyfriend. People know she's in pain, but don't understand why Juliet stays with him. She takes some action and everyone sees she regrets it. Gray=memory.
    Hurt Again
  • Land of Confusion

    by Skate4ever18 12-19-2006
    Lost: A look at what all the survivors of Flight 815 have been though since landing on the island and how they all don't truly understand what's really going on.
    Land of Confusion
  • You Still Breathing

    by starsweetjunkie 09-11-2006
    Lost: Sort of AU, I think. Decide what Walts real purpose on the island is. Is he a bearer of prophecies or does he actually cause the events that follow? This video explores the games that may be played in the mind of a gifted child.
    You Still Breathing
  • Darkness

    by C/C_Collé 07-23-2006
    Lost: Charlie is on his own. A semi-dark Charlie vid.
  • Given To Me

    by Flying02Fish 06-02-2006
    Lost: A vid that shows everything Jack Sawyer Sayid and Charlie have been through both good and bad.
    Given To Me
  • Devour

    by Starchaser 05-21-2005
    Lost: Whole cast vid. From the Island's/Monster's POV - featuring Locke as it's "right hand"... sorta.
  • The Game

    by Hobbes 03-02-2005
    Lost: It's all a game to Locke and the others are his pawns. But which side does he play on? Light or dark? You decide.
    The Game
1-9 of 9 Videos 1