LVI: Orientation by Hobbes



  • "LVI: Orientation" 12-26-2005
    With help from our good friend Billy, Hobbes outlines the basics of making a video great. Official Training Video.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
    Vidder: Hobbes
    Length: 5:52 (21MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • Kamara posted on 06.10. at 14:17
    Your audio is off on YT hon. WMG silenced it. Not sure if my other comment went through. Just wanted you to know.
  • mistojen posted on 03.01. at 00:55
    I'm like on a Comment-On-Old-Vids kick right now...

    Warren, I love this video. First of all, Billy's shirt is hilarious. Second of all...when I first started vidding...I had NO idea how to do a vid. I opened WMM (1, which is what I had at the time) and was like

    So...I did a search for Lost videos, since I figured it was the easiest thing for me to find clips for and I found LVI. I'm SO glad that this was linked on the front page. I closed WMM and watched this before I even THOUGHT of making my first vid. So what if my first one was total least after watching Billy learn how to make a good vid, I learned that long clips are baaaaaaaaaad and that lyrical interpretation is key. I'd never have even bothered with beat use, either, because I didn't know.

    In short ( that's a good one, huh?), this vid was REALLY really helpful, coming directly from someone who watched it as a newbie and used it to try out making the ever-dreadful FIRST vid. I'd have been totally lost without this tut. Thanks for making it, sharing it, and being so friggen awesome.


    You rock the world, Warren. The WHOLE world!

    PS--nice voice-over
  • SimbiAni posted on 05.10. at 21:12
    I just saw this vid, at, and followed the Youtube link to fave it ^-^ I then thought to check here cuz I wanted to read the other LVIers comments, hehe.

    Hobbes- This vid was good and helpful while being LoL at the same time! I liked reading your other comments on how you made it; like how the example vid clips turned out more diffcult than the animation, and how the rendering itself was crazy on your computer (I've had similar issues since my editor has often been deciding it wants more memory, LoL, so I have resorted to render my complicated vids in a few pieces at a time then putting those together, hehe). On a side note... I cant be the only one who thought of a character named Billy wearing an OmgDom! shirt as being ironic! (Since LotR = Dom + Billy Boyd = like best friends, lmao) Also, re: your YouTube posting, you should add links to here in the vid's summary, and mention vidding in the summary as well, to get more ppl's attn; as someone else commented, it is definitely a do-not-miss for all vidders! ^_^

    Tailie- OMG, lmao @ your avatar!! *loves*

    I hope someday I get around to vidding Lost too ^-^ For now, I've been just vidding with movies, altho mostly this year its been a show- my first show I've ever vidded- and that's LazyTown, as strange as that sounds! ;P I think if anything its certainly great practice for until if I ever go into other tv fandoms! (re: the immense amount of source vs single movies, its always been daunting to me, hehe...)
  • AlcoholicPixie posted on 05.10. at 02:36
    Hobbes wrote:
    lol thanks Karolina

    zShare? Does the Vidilife one work for you? Or is it a matter or downloading?

    It works, it's just that I'd REALLY like to have it on my computer, as I have crazymol's one but this would kind of... complete the set
  • The_Phantom_CC posted on 29.09. at 14:28

    I loved it not only because it was helpful but also because it was funny. That was a very awesome shipper vid in the middle I might add

    I wish I had an OMGDOM!!!1 t-shirt...
  • Hobbes posted on 23.09. at 21:03
    lol thanks Karolina

    zShare? Does the Vidilife one work for you? Or is it a matter or downloading?
  • AlcoholicPixie posted on 14.09. at 02:43
    Any chance of a new zshare link? The other one isn't working for me, I keep getting an error message!
  • KajaM posted on 26.08. at 02:27
    What an awesome orientation vid, Warren! Great work!

    You just gotta love Billy!
  • Hobbes posted on 26.06. at 15:12
    Thanks for the comment lyonscaz, and thanks for the bump Steph
  • Fan4Lost posted on 26.05. at 01:46
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