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scarlett_106 (Jen)

Username: scarlett_106
Alternate Name: Jen
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Other Fandoms: The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy (used to)
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  • All the Best Cowboys (Jack Shephard)

    by scarlett_106 05-11-2015
    Lost: A little vidlet I've been wanting to do for a while now, focusing on how Jack's relationships with Aaron and then David helped him work through his daddy issues. It was really satisfying, as a Jack fan, to see him find peace and be able to let go of the d
    All the Best Cowboys (Jack Shephard)
  • Still Mine - Unchained Melody (Jate)

    by scarlett_106 02-18-2015
    Lost: I got inspired to do a really romantic Jate vid when I heard this song for the first time in a while. The lyrics really spoke to me about my OTP! <3 Thanks tjmack1986 for the coloring (I covered it with texture but still, loved it)! I'm trying to improve
    Still Mine - Unchained Melody (Jate)
  • Change of Time

    by scarlett_106 01-23-2015
    Lost: The most important part in the survivors' lives was their time on the island, with each other. This vid is my attempt at showing why Lost means so much to so many people--these intense, inspiring, heartbreaking moments that we lived through with these cha
    Change of Time
  • Please Don't Go (Jack/Juliet)

    by scarlett_106 09-25-2014
    Lost: I'm a Jater, but Jacket always struck me--what they had was so beautiful and real, if short-lived. The kiss and hug toward the end of the vid was, to me, their goodbye moment, even though it technically wasn't. They both knew that he couldn't shake his fe
    Please Don't Go (Jack/Juliet)
  • The Story of Jack and Kate (Jate)

    by scarlett_106 08-23-2011
    Lost: A little vidlet about the epic story of Jack and Kate, my OTP!
    The Story of Jack and Kate (Jate)
  • Poison (Damon/Elena, Eric/Sookie)

    by scarlett_106 08-16-2011
    The Vampire Diaries/True Blood: Crossover for The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. Lots of gratuitous fangirly scenes ahead. I am working on my beat use so please feel free to make suggestions. Thanks.
    Poison (Damon/Elena, Eric/Sookie)
  • Uninvited | Damon/Elena

    by scarlett_106 08-01-2011
    The Vampire Diaries: Damon got under Elena's skin.
    Uninvited | Damon/Elena
  • All This Time

    by scarlett_106 07-18-2011
    Lost: Jate, PB&J, Des/Penny - the story of how they were meant to be!
    All This Time
  • Make This Go On Forever

    by scarlett_106 06-25-2011
    Lost: Jate/Suliet angst, s5/6-centric. This song and vid tell the story of how Jack and Kate and Sawyer and Juliet kind of fell apart over the years, but how they were both reunited in The End (pun intended). I feel like this song is perfect for all the angst.
    Make This Go On Forever
  • Already Gone - Skate

    by scarlett_106 05-05-2011
    Lost: I heard this song and thought it was perfect for Skate and how their relationship just wasn't meant to be.
    Already Gone - Skate
  • I Surrender

    by scarlett_106 03-23-2011
    Lost: The story of Jack and Kate - how despite her best efforts, Kate ultimately surrendered to her love for Jack.
    I Surrender
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