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savage_anna (Savanna)

Username: savage_anna
Alternate Name: Savanna
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: too many :P
Website: www.youtube.com/SavageAnna
Email: savageanna@ya.ruLVI
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Bio: Well, I'm 20 years old girl...love editing to death, even in my spare time practise as assistent of linear editor on one tv channel (nothing extra-special believe me LOL but still good experience). I love creating videos 'cause it's really relax me...so.. I hope you enjoyed my vids! :)

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  • Kiss from a Rose

    by savage_anna 11-08-2008
    Lost: just another general skate vid...:)
    Kiss from a Rose
  • Gravity of Love

    by savage_anna 06-07-2008
    Lost: general skate vid...was inspired to made it after I saw season finale ;P
    Gravity of Love
  • While the earth sleeps - Dan vid

    by savage_anna 03-24-2008
    Lost: just a simple vid I made, about my ABSOLUTELY new favorite character on LOST. All Faraday creepyness, intellegence, hotness ;) ,strange movements LOL and etc. The song is weird enough, 'cause he is weird enough for it :P
    While the earth sleeps - Dan vid
  • Halo - S4 Opening credits

    by savage_anna 03-16-2008
    Lost: March 2008 Contest 1st place winner! I thought that credits is quite an interesting thing to create... so that is what I come up with :)
    Halo - S4 Opening credits
  • Wake

    by savage_anna 11-05-2007
    Lost: season finale short recap video, I tried to make it as weird as possible lol, done it long time ago..
  • Aint no mountain high enough - Skate

    by savage_anna 09-22-2007
    Lost: Very light, fresh and simple vid about my favorite TV couple. Made this one ages ago...
    Aint no mountain high enough - Skate
  • Power of goodbye - Jacket

    by savage_anna 07-29-2007
    Lost: Jack and Juliette was together before the island, but smth goes wrong with their relations, she saw Jack with another woman, and decided to get highred on new Job. Jack following her there and trying to get her back to him..after that she forgiving him
    Power of goodbye - Jacket
  • D**k in a box - Angst triangle

    by savage_anna 06-25-2007
    Lost: my creepy point of view on annoying triangle
    D**k in a box - Angst triangle
  • My Love - colour parody

    by savage_anna 06-10-2007
    Lost: Skate vid, the thing is special in this vid, is that I was trying to make it looks like in original My Love Timberlake's video clip, black and white colours I used mostly...made this one long time ago
    My Love - colour parody
  • Season 3 tribute

    by savage_anna 04-25-2007
    Lost: Season 3 so far, video have some very quick shots moments
    Season 3 tribute
  • The Beach

    by savage_anna 02-18-2007
    Lost: I'm thrilled that no one before not made trailer on this movie, 'cause I think it pretty simple to complete with Lost..anyway, The Beach movie trailer with Sawyer as a main hero
    The Beach
  • Des and Elizabeth Swann Love story

    by savage_anna 01-28-2007
    Lost: Desmond/Elizabeth Swann AU
    Des and Elizabeth Swann Love story
  • Ben & Kate love story

    by savage_anna 11-27-2006
    Lost: Ben and Kate married, but Ben revealed that Kate sleep with another man. He become little jealous and beat this guy.. But even so, Ben still don't want to let Kate go..
    Ben & Kate love story
  • Awakening

    by savage_anna 11-24-2006
    Lost: Sawyer look to his watch Sawyer, but see not time, screen present his selfish, tough and “always alone line” life. So he understand that he must change himself..
  • carry on dancing

    by savage_anna 10-16-2006
    Lost: Sawyer have a dream about his relations with Kate - first angst, then jeleous and in the end romantis and very passion. My first work with sony vegas 7, so don't be very cruel, I was tried to do my best..
    carry on dancing
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