Power of goodbye - Jacket by savage_anna



  • "Power of goodbye - Jacket" 07-29-2007
    Jack and Juliette was together before the island, but smth goes wrong with their relations, she saw Jack with another woman, and decided to get highred on new Job. Jack following her there and trying to get her back to him..after that she forgiving him
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Power Of Goodbye by Madonna
    Vidder: savage_anna
    Length: 4:12 (15 MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas 7.0
  • Characters/Ships: Jack Shephard, Juliet Burke, "Jacket"


  • savage_anna posted on 04.09. at 15:16
    Hey Thank you, I's SO sorry it took that long with reply, I was on vacation....anyway, thank you! so glad you were watching this vid so long time ago, and remeber it! mean a lot to me, 'cause this vid took me quite long time in making
  • wolffootball37 posted on 09.08. at 17:22
    hay i saw this aes ago! Great job. Very good work on matching the clips and editing to sell the story!
  • savage_anna posted on 01.08. at 12:14
    Aww, thanks girls!

    Ag - you did't forget about this vid lol I'm glad -DDD...You know, I can't have done bad Jacket ending naturally lol, I'm too in love with this ship

    Charlie - So glad you start love this song after my vid -DDDDDD I absolutely adore this song too, it's amazing! Thank you for favorite this vid, and so glad you still remember it too, mean a lot to me -DDDD
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 31.07. at 05:23
    I acutally Remember watching this video on youtube and saving it to my favourites, i'm glad you put this up the song rocks, i became in love with this song after this video.
    The video it's self is amazing, My favourite part of the whole vidoe is at 1.57 i just love that whole little bit i think it's really good, and the beginning AU scenes were awesome.
    Great Work
  • azzurra13 posted on 31.07. at 04:13
    I'm so happy U have posted this one I'm huge fan of this song and Your vid naturally wonderful story with the happy jacket ending plus the colouring and the beat use
  • savage_anna posted on 31.07. at 02:55
    eve_x - Thank you, yeah I remember I posted some links to it in Jacket thread like in February, so happy you still rember this vid, big compliment

    Uruviel - Thank you, AU videos is really interesting to make, so I'm glad you enjoyed this one

    Ais - Woo hoo, thank you!! I think this song is really beatiful too, this my second favorite Madonna's song after her "Frozen". So glad you still remember this vid too -DDD Jacket is really great couple, I hope some ideas would more stuck in me, 'cause I really want make more Jacket vids, but at the moment I think my creativity muse with AU ideas on winter sleeping vacation lol ..Thank you again for feedback!
  • Aislynn posted on 30.07. at 22:14
    Ooo, I loved it! Just such a beautiful vid! Great song choice, too! I'm glad you finally submitted it here!

    Yay for Jacket! Great job!
  • Uruviel posted on 30.07. at 22:11
    Great AU!
  • eve_x posted on 30.07. at 14:22
    I think I saw this at LF and I rrrreaally love this
  • savage_anna posted on 30.07. at 11:45
    Thank you girls!

    FrecklesPhoenix - Glad you enjoyed it, I'm huge Jacket fan too, sometimes I even think that even more than a skater. I really wish I would find time to make smth more with Jacket. You noticed beat use too Thanks, I remember I was trying to make it perfect when I was working on this vid, that's a big compliment for me

    Bel - Thank you! Yeah, I know, lol it's usually took me ages to submit..I hate myself, but I need to admit that I'm very lazy internet user ha ha Really happy that you love this AU still, even so this vid is really old..well, I was thinking about updating it with many Jacket goodnes, but than my laziness again take over me lol
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