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mistojen (Jen)

Username: mistojen
Alternate Name: Jen
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Other Fandoms: Supernatural, Dead Like Me, films
Website: http://mistojen.livejournal.com
Email: mistojen@comcast.netLVI
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Bio: ...I suck at these things, dude. Out LOUD. *shakes head and hangs it in shame*

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  • Scared

    by mistojen 07-26-2007
    Lost: The Losties let the fear in; let it do its thing...but only for five seconds.
  • Say What You Will

    by mistojen 06-04-2007
    Lost: Tribute vid to Boone, Shannon, and Charlie (as well as Shoone, PB&J, and Shayid) Purposefully a bit montage-y, fyi
    Say What You Will
  • Bombs Away

    by mistojen 12-28-2006
    Lost: Shannon leaves Mason for Charlie and Mason can't take the pain of the loss. Lost/Dead Like Me crossover
    Bombs Away
  • SurReality TV: The Challenge

    by mistojen 11-22-2006
    Lost: This is the opening sequence for the LVI/Lost interactive Reality TV fic I'm writing currently in the FanArt section of the forum
    SurReality TV: The Challenge
  • Final Destination: LOST

    by mistojen 11-07-2006
    Lost: October 2006 contest 3rd place winner! You can't cheat death twice...
    Final Destination: LOST
  • Greyscale

    by mistojen 10-06-2006
    Lost: September 2006 Contest Submission
  • Eternity

    by mistojen 09-20-2006
    Lost: What if there was more to life...after death? AU Trailer
  • Shannon's Nightmare

    by mistojen 08-22-2006
    Lost: Shannon dreams that, as George's last call, she becomes a Grim Reaper. After one of his own, Mason needs to help her through her first reap, because she finds that itís a lot harder than at first it seemed... Dead Like Me cross-over vid
    Shannon's Nightmare
  • Gifts and Curses

    by mistojen 08-17-2006
    Lost: Don't you wish your man was as devoted as the LOST boys...?
    Gifts and Curses
  • All Their Fault

    by mistojen 07-27-2006
    Lost: The men on Mystery Frickin Island are awfully violent toward one another...now we know why.
    All Their Fault
  • Superbleeder

    by mistojen 07-24-2006
    Lost: This is actually pretty awful, because it's my first time trying something like this, but I've used Lost characters to tell the story of Superbleeder--a skit by comedian Dane Cook
  • Baby Mine

    by mistojen 07-06-2006
    Lost: June 2006 contest submission
    Baby Mine
  • Slow

    by mistojen 06-10-2006
    Lost: The ups and downs of Charlie and Claire. This is the first vid ever for me so be gentle...
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