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get_lost (Kimmie)

Username: get_lost
Alternate Name: Kimmie
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Bio: 19, F, Australia. Uni Student/Single Mum, I love fanart & fanvids. Though the latter is new to me. My fave lost Character is Sawyer.

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  • Poker Face

    by get_lost 03-10-2009
    Lost: Just a quick general video; made for the pairing of Sawyer/Juliet.
    Poker Face
  • Beauty in the Breakdown

    by get_lost 10-12-2005
    Lost: Lately Claire and Sawyer have been dissatisfied with their relationships. Their relationship grows as their relationships with Kate and Charlie deterioate. Will they find the strength to let go and move forward? How will Kate and Charlie react?
    Beauty in the Breakdown
  • Worn Me Down

    by get_lost 09-18-2005
    Lost: Kate cant progress in her relationship with Sawyer because he has eyes for another woman/Claire.
    Worn Me Down
  • Who Am I?

    by get_lost 09-18-2005
    Lost: When everythings made to be broken...Sawyer just wants Claire to know who he is...
    Who Am I?
  • Cherish [ Claire & Sawyer ]

    by get_lost 08-09-2005
    Lost: After Sawyer gets back to the island, he watches Claire and wants to know her. As he gets closer, he realises that Charlie is back on Heroin and treating Claire badly. How can he convince Claire to be true to herself, and not let Charlie drag her down wit
    Cherish [ Claire & Sawyer ]
  • No Happy Endings - Kate & Jack

    by get_lost 08-08-2005
    Lost: All Kate wanted was her happy ending. She was convinced Jack was it...maybe she was wrong.
    No Happy Endings - Kate & Jack
  • Sawyer & Claire - New Beginnings

    by get_lost 07-25-2005
    Lost: Sawyer and Claire reflect on their pasts, and Sawyer convinces Claire that maybe the island has given them a second chance at life.
    Sawyer & Claire - New Beginnings
  • All Is Full Of Love

    by get_lost 07-13-2005
    Lost: Kate & Jack have had a strong bond since the very beginning of their time on the island, and as they grow closer she begins to trust and love him. However the closer Jack & Kate get, the more intrigued she begins to become with Sawyer, and so they begin t
    All Is Full Of Love
1-8 of 8 Videos 1