Sawyer & Claire - New Beginnings by get_lost

  • "Sawyer & Claire - New Beginnings" 07-25-2005
    Sawyer and Claire reflect on their pasts, and Sawyer convinces Claire that maybe the island has given them a second chance at life.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Come Back Down by Lifehouse
    Vidder: get_lost
    Length: 4.33 (10.2 MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: "ConMama"


  • *Niah* posted on 13.05. at 22:00
    That was amazing! The clips all looked so real... I loved where he supposedly came into the caves and she hugged him... <3 this vid!!
  • capnlou posted on 01.01. at 05:04
    Yay!!! Conmama video! I love it, I smiled the whole way through, you did a kickass job on it and I bow down to you, thankyou.
  • Ana-Lucia Cortez posted on 27.12. at 18:56
    Could you put it on putfile for me? I can't download it......Or would work too. I really wanna see it!
  • Aislynn posted on 01.08. at 22:44
    Three words: A May Zing!

    There were so many great moments that I can't even try to give a shout out to just a few. The entire vid was practically One Great Moment in itself!

    Seriously, this is just about the best example of vid manipulation that I've ever seen! It was so well done and so subtle that I was nearly fooled by it!

    "ConMama" is now officially my second ship, right after Skate, and all because of this vid!

    Wonderfully, wonderfully done!

  • Hobbes posted on 01.08. at 19:18
  • Hollywood posted on 31.07. at 22:06
    Loved this vid Kimmie, as l already said over at LF --> it ROCKED!!!.
    Great Job.
  • iceofthestars posted on 29.07. at 11:16
    Yay! Someone made a Sawyer/Claire vid!

    You did an awesome job at manipulating the clips to make it look like Sawyer and Claire were really interacting with each other. You could have almost, almost fooled me. (And in one of the few clips where they ARE interacting with each other, the one in Do No Harm, I loved where you turned down the music for when Sawyer said, "She likes me." ). Great video, can't wait to see more from you!
  • SuperKC posted on 29.07. at 06:34
    I agree that is an amazing job of creating realistic moments between two characters who have had very little! Fantastico! Now I think I'm going to ship Claire and Sawyer. Haha.
  • Ade posted on 29.07. at 04:50
    Totally awesome vid, I loved it from beginning to end!
  • Ally posted on 28.07. at 02:05
    WOw that was absoutly amazing
    he best not-real-ship shipper-vid on this side

    very good idea and he adding was perfect
    looking forward to your next vid ^^
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