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Breezelda (Breeze)

Username: Breezelda
Alternate Name: Breeze
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/breezelda

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  • Jodhaa Akbar

    by Breezelda 05-28-2012
    Foreign Film : May 2012 contest 3rd place winner! In a strategy to unite his people, the Emperor marries a Princess from a rival region, despite their differences in culture and religion, true love conquers all in this epic romance set amid the opulence of the 16th cen
    Jodhaa Akbar
  • Eastern Jam - Aishwary Rai

    by Breezelda 08-07-2011
    Actor Tribute/Foreign Film : August 2011 contest submission. A tribute to Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai and her colorful arrays of ensembles and dances from various films. More Info at YT.
    Eastern Jam - Aishwary Rai
  • Into The Fire - Raavan

    by Breezelda 08-01-2011
    Foreign Film : It's a tale of good and evil. The role of hero and villain is gray. To exact his revenge, Beera the leader of a group of bandits kidnaps the new wife of a police officer who had wronged him. He takes his captive deep into the jungle, and a chase ensues, t
    Into The Fire - Raavan
  • Ethan & Sofia - This Womans Work

    by Breezelda 06-20-2011
    Foreign Film : June 2011 contest 2nd place winner! This is a tribute to the foreign film Guzaarish. The subject of life and death is dealt with in this amazing film, more information at youtube.
    Ethan & Sofia - This Womans Work
  • Jack & Kate - Something More

    by Breezelda 06-09-2011
    Lost: It's mostly centered on memories of their past life on the island before the awakening, and then crossing over together.
    Jack & Kate - Something More
  • Jack & Kate - Can We Ever Go Back

    by Breezelda 10-10-2010
    Lost: See youtube
    Jack & Kate - Can We Ever Go Back
  • Kate - The Rebel Kind (Bang Bang)

    by Breezelda 09-16-2010
    Lost: This video came about after hearing this song on a commercial about lethal women. Who could be more suited then the trigger-happy fugitive?
    Kate - The Rebel Kind (Bang Bang)
  • Heartbreak Warfare- Jate

    by Breezelda 07-19-2010
    Lost: see youtube
    Heartbreak Warfare- Jate
  • The Scarlet End - Jack & Kate

    by Breezelda 06-02-2010
    Lost: The word soul mates totally takes on a new meaning when it comes to Jate.
    The Scarlet End - Jack & Kate
  • I'd Die Without You - Jack & Kate

    by Breezelda 05-07-2010
    Lost: After The Candidate it's hard to fathom what these two would do without each other.
    I'd Die Without You - Jack & Kate
  • 6,8,12 // Jate AU

    by Breezelda 11-22-2009
    Lost: Kate is out of Jack's life and he's missing her. Jack comes to his senses and is now determine to find the love that he let slip away.
    6,8,12 // Jate AU
1-11 of 11 Videos 1