The Scarlet End - Jack & Kate by Breezelda




  • littleton_pace posted on 11.06. at 22:17
    just beautiful!! the comparisons and v/overs were wonderful and made for such an emotive and heart-wrenching Jate vid i loved every second of it Gold from me
  • Uruviel posted on 10.06. at 22:20
    Gorgeous vid! The comparisons to season 1 were really good.
  • Zolie posted on 04.06. at 18:05
    My heartstrings's untied. This is beautiful. Always exceptional work from you. =)
  • VPnymph posted on 03.06. at 11:08
    Lovely video - the parallels between seasons 1 and 6 worked so well. x
  • nightdancer342 posted on 03.06. at 03:25
    Great video! I really liked your choice of audio and the coloring was very nice. Well done!
  • Breezelda posted on 02.06. at 23:19
    ***Automated Message***
    "The Scarlet End - Jack & Kate" 06-02-2010
    The word soul mates totally takes on a new meaning when it comes to Jate.
    Song: Scarlet by Brooke Fraser
    Vidder: Breezelda
    Length: 2:33 (90.0 WMV)


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