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Belxf (Bel)

Username: Belxf
Alternate Name: Bel
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Other Fandoms: Harry Potter, Grey's Anatomy and Buffy
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  • coming back to you

    by Belxf 12-30-2010
    Lost: Kate leaves Jack to die in the island, and is now back to LA.
    coming back to you
  • holding on to you

    by Belxf 01-11-2010
    Lost: Juliet and Sawyer holding on to each other.
    holding on to you
  • Set Me Free

    by Belxf 11-09-2008
    Lost: Aaron's dreams of Claire make him feel like something's missing in his life, something that Kate is not telling him. Aaron: Rupert Grint. Thanks to Kat!
    Set Me Free
  • Kiss The Girl

    by Belxf 08-10-2008
    Lost: August 2008 contest 1st place winner! Hurley tells Sawyer he has to kiss Claire. Thanks to Kat and Karolina!
    Kiss The Girl
  • all that i am

    by Belxf 06-29-2008
    Lost: Jack gives Kate all that he is
    all that i am
  • Memories

    by Belxf 05-15-2008
    Lost: AU. Kate and Claire were together on the island, but right after rescue comes, Claire disappears. Now Kate is alone raising Aaron off the island, and remembering Claire.
  • King Locke

    by Belxf 09-11-2007
    Lost: Locke jut can't wait to be king. A simple little vid, just for fun...
    King Locke
  • Creep

    by Belxf 08-22-2007
    Lost: Lost/Buffy Crossover - Kate broke up with Spike and he is completely obsessed with her. She goes to an island far, far away, but when he finds out, he goes after her...
  • Missing

    by Belxf 06-05-2007
    Lost: AU. What may have happened before and after Jack's flashfoward. Kate and Sawyer got married. Jack wishes he had never left the island, and misses Kate.
  • This Love

    by Belxf 05-26-2007
    Lost: AU-ish. Kate is using Sawyer
    This Love
  • Lips of an Angel

    by Belxf 04-30-2007
    Lost: Jack is with Juliet but is having an affair with Kate. After Kate discovers she is pregnant, she starts having some fights with Jack, who doesn't want to break up with Juliet, so he realizes he needs to get Kate out of his way.
    Lips of an Angel
  • Oops... I did it again

    by Belxf 04-08-2007
    Lost: Claire is with Charlie but she can't stop flirting with all the guys in the island...
    Oops... I did it again
  • Breakdown

    by Belxf 04-08-2007
    Lost: AU. Kate is in love with Claire, who is with Charlie
  • Open your eyes

    by Belxf 02-18-2007
    Lost: AU. Jack tells Kate to escape, but she is killed. When he finds out he somehow manages to escape, but can't stop thinking about her, so, he decides to have his revenge...
    Open your eyes
  • A little less conversation

    by Belxf 02-05-2007
    Lost: A little more action, please
    A little less conversation
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