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  • Belxf posted on 09.09. at 05:49
    Thanks so much, Ais!
    I'm really, really happy you liked my sundae! And the cherry on top! And that you thought it was sweet! That's what I was hope people will think about my sundaes!
  • Aislynn posted on 08.09. at 22:50
    Ohhhh, that is just sooooooo gooooooooood! (So good I had to give almost all the words extra letters! )

    That moment at 57 seconds in with Hurley doing his little dance thing behind Sawyer is masked so well, it completely fooled me the first time I saw it and I went "Wait, when did THAT happen?" and had to back it up and look at it again! Beautiful work! And the shot of him kneeling down next to Claire at 1:56 was another jaw-dropping great manip! *applause*

    And ZOMG, the kiss at the end! *falls over with a thud* Girl, you just gooooood! The hug at the end was just the cherry on top of this sweet, sweet sundae! So fantastically done! Awesome work, hon! ♥!
  • Belxf posted on 25.08. at 02:40
    Jamielost Thanks! Yeah, Hurley is just great!

    JacksOnlyLove Thanks! That´s exactly what I think! She makes him a better man!


    Deia Que bom q você gostou! Eu tambem adoro videos com musicas da disney! São, com certeza os mais divertidos de todos!

    IamSoLostRightNow Surley?? That´s a weird idea I like it!
    Thanks! I\m glad you liked the vid!
  • IamSoLostRightNow posted on 21.08. at 20:02
    This is fantastic!
    ConMamma is cute and all, but after this video Surley is my OTP!!! lol
    loved every scene and every manip!
  • Deia posted on 17.08. at 05:45
    Eu nao acredito que ainda nao tinha visto este video!!!Coisa mais fofa EVER. Eu adoro estes tipo d videos com musicas das disney.Todas as ,manips foram demais!! Otimo trabalho!!! Boa sorte para o concurso!
    and YAY por voltares a Portugal! Tens que vir ao Algarve hehe
  • MeeMee posted on 16.08. at 07:58
    cutest video ever , soooooooooo sweeet
  • JacksOnlyLove posted on 16.08. at 02:03
    nothing s cuter than this vid lol i love Claire/Sawyer..with her he becomes a better man^^ and the editing was brilliant, had so much fun while watching it^^
  • Jamielost posted on 15.08. at 08:45
    This is a really good vid! Hurley's awesome throughout good job.
  • Belxf posted on 14.08. at 11:16
    emmasholi: Thanks! I'm really glad you thought it was cute!

    Fjorton: I'm happy you liked it! Thanks!

    aradnea: Thanks! I also love the Hurley/Sawyer friendship! They're so cute!

    Freckles08: Thanks!

    Joon: Thanks! This is also one my favourite disney songs!

    buffyfan145: Thank! Glad you liked Hurley as Sebastian!

    Karolina: Yeah! I'm going there this weekend and I'll be there until february (I'll be studing there for a semester). Nice to know I'm wellcome in Germany! I really want to travel around while I'm staying there!

    AngelNanoo: Thanks! I wasn't sure if they would kiss in the end, but I really wanted them to kiss too!

    Karowyn: Thank you so much! But I hope you still enter the contest!

    fabri: Thanks! Little Mermaid is also one of my favourite disney movies! I think I've watched it about a thousand times already!!

    Nikki: Thanks, Nikki!! I'm so happy you liked it! I'm glad you liked the ping pong scene... It took me such a long time to decide what what I going to use in that part!!
  • nikkimonique posted on 13.08. at 18:52
    Wow Bel! That was amazing!! Sorry for the late response! I'm on vacation...but I just had to find some time to watch this.. I've been wanting to all week! I LOVED the beginning when they are playing ping pong and it seems like they are playing a musical instrument or something! So clever! Loved all Sawyer's expressions! You picked perfect ones...and I got a kick out of the scene of Claire coming over to Sawyer's house and Hurley puts on"mood music" for them...
    Awesome work!
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