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Username: ezza0ezza
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Other Fandoms: Mostly Lost, but everything is open =)
Website: http://www.freewebs.com/missing_you_mum/

Bio: Hey all. I'm a skater, and my favourite character is Kate. But I'm not one of those rabid shippers who hates anyone who doesn't support their ship...ahaha. I do vids as a hobby, and I hope you enjoy my stuff.I use Vegas by the way

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  • I'll make you hurt

    by ezza0ezza 07-25-2009
    Lost: No matter how much they care about each other, because of personal demons, Sawyer and Kate always end up hurt.
    I'll make you hurt
  • Mixed Memories

    by ezza0ezza 07-30-2008
    Lost: I don't think this is my best work, but I don't see the harm in putting it up. Basically just Kate lost in some old memories.
    Mixed Memories
  • A picture paints a thousand words

    by ezza0ezza 07-04-2008
    Lost: June 2008 contest submission. Also a sequel to my other vid 'My skin' but I thought I'd enter just for fun.Kate is dead, and Jack is left with Aaron, and a whole lot of guilt. He has to go back...But what happens then?
    A picture paints a thousand words
  • I need this

    by ezza0ezza 06-17-2008
    Lost: Off island, Kate is torn between her seemingly perfect life and the guilt she feels about those left behind and Aaron. While Jack believes they have done the right thing, Kate disagrees and soon things begin to fall apart...
    I need this
  • Sound the Bugle

    by ezza0ezza 06-06-2008
    Lost: Set when Sawyer and Kate are held captive. Sawyer is shot and Kate gives up without him. She stops trying to escape and gives into the others...but one night someone helps give her the courage she needs to escape. Crap summary I know...just watch =)
    Sound the Bugle
1-5 of 5 Videos 1