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  • Stiles & Lydia || Don't Deserve You

    by tjmack1986 01-23-2017
    Teen Wolf: Made as a wishlist gift.
    Stiles & Lydia || Don't Deserve You
  • Real Life Fairytale

    by starryeyesxx 11-25-2012
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Just a sweet Xander/Anya video, it's kind of about how he taught her what love could be like.
    Real Life Fairytale
  • Lost Kate and Aaron In my arms

    by EMMALOUISE 07-01-2009
    Lost: A vid i made about Kate and Aaron
    Lost Kate and Aaron In my arms
  • In My Arms

    by foxy9 08-14-2008
    Lost: I heard this song and it was like it was written for Aaron and Kate. Kate has always protected Aaron since his birth, and I wanted that portrayed in this video. Kate thinks she can never tell Aaron the truth about who his real mother is so to protect the
    In My Arms
  • A Real Fairytale

    by Kaory 12-04-2007
    Lost: Lost AU.Ana Lucia is a mermaid and fall in love with sawyer.When she leave the ocean to find her love met Sayid who become her best friend and fall in love with Ana Lucia.
    A Real Fairytale
  • Damaged

    by karenloveskarl 04-27-2007
    Lost: a Juliet Video
  • I can't do this

    by sweetevangeline 02-09-2007
    Lost: January 2007 contest submission
    I can't do this
  • Kate - Nice Naive And Beautiful

    by Kiska 02-08-2007
    Lost: I know Kate isn't really naive, but the rest of the music makes sense.
    Kate - Nice Naive And Beautiful
  • Can't Go Back

    by FlawlesslyxFragile 01-16-2007
    Lost: Kate reminisces on the past and the mistake she made with Sawyer. She realizes that though she can't go back she still has time to set things right between her and Jack. To show her love for him.
    Can't Go Back
  • Damaged

    by dayln03 12-20-2006
    Lost: When the Others decide to kill Kate, she wishes for nothing more than to repair the damage she's done to her relationship with Jack
  • Damaged

    by Simple Enigma 04-19-2006
    Lost: A Jack/Kate/Sawyer vid done per request - Kait POV
  • Stranded

    by SaRa 09-05-2005
    Lost: A play on words about jack and kates feelings about each other
  • Damaged

    by fallsofast 07-24-2005
    Lost: Kate's damaged, she knows it, everyone knows it. Implied Jack/Kate
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