~kamikaze airplanes~ by Impalallama



  • "~kamikaze airplanes~" 01-15-2013
    Just a short video for Rookie Blue that was just for some practice.
  • Fandom: Rookie Blue
    Song: Sink or Swim by Tyrone Wells
    Vidder: Impalallama
    Length: 1:10 (40.9MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 02.02. at 21:51
    Great vid! I liked your lyric interpretation especially with the lyric 'kamikaze airplanes'.
  • Brooke posted on 21.01. at 17:13
    Loved it, I loved the beat-use and the coloring. I loved how you interpreted the clips with the music.
  • Impalallama posted on 19.01. at 11:40
    Glad you thought so! Thank you! <33
  • emmasholi posted on 19.01. at 06:42
    Great job, that was really fun to watch! Welcome to LVI!
  • Impalallama posted on 19.01. at 00:26
    Thank you very much! <3
  • Uruviel posted on 18.01. at 22:27
    Great video! Welcome to LVI!
  • Jemmz posted on 15.01. at 17:56

    Lol you'll figure it out, I don't even think while navigating around here anymore
  • Impalallama posted on 15.01. at 17:52
    I'm so very glad you like this simple video I made. It took waaaay too long despite the short length.

    Getting the right beats is always difficult for me and I usually have the video sync up with the lyrics more, so I'm glad I managed to do it right xD

    -HUGS YOU-

    (I also have no idea what I'm doing right now like what is a forum and how does it work idk)
  • Jemmz posted on 15.01. at 14:53
    Well, as you know, I've only watched like 2 episode of Rookie Blue, but your video was wonderful and I got a real sense of what the show is about! Your editing is nice and simple, I think it worked really well for this song and you managed to keep up with the beats really nicely Also your lyric interpretation was perfection! With the 'kamikaze airplanes in the sky || Are we going down or will we fly' with them jumping/flying in the sky.

    AWESOME JOB. I'm voting gold Anyway this gave me many feels and made me want to watch the show again
  • Wickedgal posted on 15.01. at 14:51
    very cool video loved the beat use and I love the song choice too beautiful video
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