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Impalallama (Jade)

Username: Impalallama
Alternate Name: Jade
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Other Fandoms: Rookie Blue, The Listener, Supernatural
Website: http://impalallama.tumblr.com/
Email: impalallama@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: My name's Jade and I live in Canada where it is freezing.

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  • the listener// is there a hero

    by Impalallama 08-21-2013
    The Listener: remake of an old video i made a long time ago hd is best
    the listener// is there a hero
  • Rookie Blue|| we keep moving on

    by Impalallama 03-14-2013
    Rookie Blue: This video has been sitting around on my laptop half finished for a while now. it was made before the sink or swim one so if some parts are similar I'm sorry. HD is best.
    Rookie Blue|| we keep moving on
  • SPN//lose our minds

    by Impalallama 01-17-2013
    Supernatural: More old videos. Another blooper video for Supernatural. More thanks to Jemma <3
    SPN//lose our minds
  • SPN//sins of our youth

    by Impalallama 01-17-2013
    Supernatural: An even older video that was made before The Listener one. Just a fun blooper video. Big thanks to Jemma who keeps making my preview images because I don't know how <3
    SPN//sins of our youth
  • ~what about everything~

    by Impalallama 01-15-2013
    The Listener: A little fanvid for The Listener that was made way before the Rookie Blue one I recently uploaded. Watching in HD would be best. Everyone needs to watch this show ok good
    ~what about everything~
  • ~kamikaze airplanes~

    by Impalallama 01-15-2013
    Rookie Blue: Just a short video for Rookie Blue that was just for some practice.
    ~kamikaze airplanes~
1-6 of 6 Videos 1