Home by Uruviel

  • "Home" 08-30-2012
    August 2012 contest 2nd place winner! A video about Dorothy's journey through Oz.
  • Fandom: Wizard Of Oz
    Song: Home by Breaking Benjamin
    Vidder: Uruviel
    Length: 2:49 (45.3 MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas 9.0
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • Uruviel posted on 09.09. at 02:49
    Already have a vid filenamed "home" so I had to add the "woo" to make it unique.

    Thanks, Kat, glad ya like the vid!
  • littleton_pace posted on 09.09. at 02:09
    Lol, when I downloaded the vid the filename is "homewoo", it made me giggle

    So many nostalgic feelings watching this! from when i was a kid, and then studying it again at uni and all kinds of things! I dont think ive ever seen a vid for Wizard of Oz before! But its so fitting that you made this vid since Breaking Benjamin did a tribute to it awesome work heather
  • Uruviel posted on 05.09. at 22:24
    Eryn: Thanks so much!

    Karolina: Thanks! OMG you MUST see this movie!!!
  • KajaM posted on 05.09. at 14:13
    Tehe, OMG, Heather! I totally did not expect that type of music for a vid about this movie! So creative! The beat use was great!
    I totally have to see this movie someday. I've only read the book so far.
  • HobbitRockGod posted on 05.09. at 14:10
    I absolutely loved this, Heather!! I adore this movie and I've never heard this song before, so that was really cool! And the editing was amazing, wonderful job!
  • Uruviel posted on 05.09. at 02:56
    Thanks so much, Julia!!!
  • eloramoon posted on 05.09. at 02:27
    WOW, Heather! That was sooooooooooo cool! I didn't realize at first that it was going to be a song inspired by The Wizard of Oz, so it was cool when I realized the lyrics were really about the story. I loved everything about it! So awesome!
  • Uruviel posted on 04.09. at 22:39
    Macaila: Thank you!

    Jemma: Thanks! LOL, yeah at first I'm sure this seemed like a weird song choice!

    Becca: Thanks, glad you like the trippiness!
  • ciaimpala posted on 04.09. at 15:39
    Perfect song choice!! I love the way your beat use and coloring captured the "trippy" nature of the movie
  • Jemmz posted on 04.09. at 12:08
    Awesome vid Heather! At first I wondered why you used this song and then I heard the lyrics! Perfect Great job!
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