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Uruviel (Heather)

Username: Uruviel
Alternate Name: Heather
Vidder Rank: Council Member
Other Fandoms: LOTR
Website: http://www.theargonath.cc/lost
Email: Uruviel1@aol.comLVI
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Bio: I'm Uruviel, aka Heather. I'm 25, from Memphis. I competed in gymnastics, level 9, until I was 23, and I am now head coach of a compulsory team. I've been vidding for 5 years, started out doing gymnastics & figure skating vids, then moved on to LOTR vids and then Lost! I do all my vidding in the middle of the night, using Ulead VideoStudio. I first watched Lost because Dom was in it and became totally hooked. I can't remember how I first came across LVI but I do know that I thought it was one of the coolest sites I'd seen. I'm so impressed with the quality & talent of the vidders on here, and being VERY competitive, yall have pushed me to make myself a better vidder.

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