Hallelujah by Hobbes



  • "Hallelujah" 11-21-2005
    Jack and Kate tell the story of their relationship.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Hallelujah by K.D. Lang
    Vidder: Hobbes
    Length: 5:07 (19MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: "Jate"


  • reddevilchick03 posted on 19.08. at 10:02
    wait...so who is the male voice at the beinning??? i am trying to find the piano music for it but i need to know the artist haha
  • xgene posted on 02.11. at 15:08
    Now I have an excuse to right on this thread! Though I could have before

    This was such an awesome video and it looked like a lot of work but it definitely payed off. Very creative. Loved the piano scenes with Jack and Kate.
  • Hobbes posted on 12.02. at 18:59
    Thanls you two! good to know it still stands up for some people in the ever-growing Jate vids category
  • Niniel posted on 12.02. at 16:47
    I have seen this video so many times I've lost count! I love it so much, and I'm a skater so that kinda says alot(And oh, the Skate scenes in this gave me chills.)

  • ilariadepp posted on 29.01. at 07:43
    OMG! I luv this vid!!! the song it's beautiful!!! it is made very well grate job!!
  • zandra posted on 08.01. at 07:38
    thanks a million!
  • Hobbes posted on 07.01. at 19:02
    Thanks jacindabarrett, yeah they probably will end up together in the end.

    Here's the audio file zandra: http://www11.rapidupload.com/d.php?file=dl&filepath=897
  • jacindabarrett14 posted on 07.01. at 14:07
    That was so amazing. You did a great job. Adding all of the inportant stuff in. Every one has to know that Kate and Jack are going to end up together in the end. Laters
  • zandra posted on 07.01. at 08:55
    hey if you could do that for me it would be great ! thanks!!!
  • Hobbes posted on 04.01. at 16:30
    Thanks The "guy" is actually a manipulation of K.D. Lang's voice to a lower pitch. If you'd like a copy of the modifed version I can upload you one, or you could just swipe it from the video lol
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