Zachary Levi; What Makes Him Special by tjmack1986



  • "Zachary Levi; What Makes Him Special" 02-18-2012
    February 2012 contest 2nd place winner! Please See Youtube Description For More Information
  • Fandom: Actor Tribute
    Song: Various by Various
    Vidder: tjmack1986
    Length: 3:15 (91.53MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas
  • Characters/Ships: Zachary Levi


  • tjmack1986 posted on 10.03. at 15:34
    Thanks Eryn! Appreciate it!
  • HobbitRockGod posted on 10.03. at 13:10
    Wow, really enjoyed this, Tammy! All the clips and audio were great, this is an excellent tribute!
  • tjmack1986 posted on 09.03. at 13:41
    Thanks Emma! <3
  • emmasholi posted on 09.03. at 06:41
    Awesome vid, Tammy! I loved all the audio clips you used and I really liked how you showed all the different aspects, from the charity, to his singing and acting Wonderful job!
  • tjmack1986 posted on 07.03. at 23:27
    Thanks Heather!
  • Uruviel posted on 07.03. at 22:55
    Great vid, Tammy! That was a cool way to put this together.
  • tjmack1986 posted on 06.03. at 21:14
    Thanks Julia! I wanted to try and do something different
  • eloramoon posted on 06.03. at 20:16
    Excellent job, Tammy! I love the layout of your vid, the way you separated it out into all the different things that makes him special. I had no idea he could sing, and that's cool that he does that charity work, too. Great job putting this together!
  • tjmack1986 posted on 06.03. at 12:23
    Karolina: Thank you so much! He is a super sweet guy who adores his fans. I heart him so bad!

    Jemma: He's super fantastic, and who doesn't love Flynn Rider?
  • Jemmz posted on 06.03. at 12:12
    Aww this is perfect! I'm not a huge fan of Zachary's, but you totally made me fall in love with him in this vid, which is pretty much perfect for the contest Loved the use of pictures and audio and soo happy you got Flynn in there a little bit "here comes the smoulder!" haha, awesome job!!
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