One Piece for Another || Lost by eloramoon



  • "One Piece for Another || Lost" 06-01-2010
    May 2010 contest 1st place winner! Flocke takes Claire as a playing piece in his game with Jacob, but Jacob returns Charlie to the board so he can trade places with Claire, allowing her to be good again so she can go home.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Your Protector by Fleet Foxes
    Vidder: eloramoon
    Length: 4:40 (53 MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas
  • Characters/Ships: "PB&J", The Monster


  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 18.11. at 21:34
    That was an awesome video.Very creative and unique.
  • Jemmz posted on 14.06. at 03:05
    Congrats again on first place for this, Julia!! Do you have a download link for this vid?
  • Lostwithoutdom posted on 08.06. at 09:23
    Wow! What a fantastic idea Julia! I loved this so much! Your manips and story were perfect, i really loved that Charlie came back so that she could go home. that was so sweet and so like Charlie. Wonderfully done!
  • emmasholi posted on 08.06. at 06:11
    Oooh woah!! Fantastic video Julia!!! First off, I loved your song choice, it was so interesting and felt really fitting with your storyline and just the whole feel of the video. Your storyline was really different too, I really enjoyed it, and your manips were awesome. I particularly loved the one at the very end with Charlie watching the plane fly off. Fantastic!
  • eloramoon posted on 08.06. at 00:06
    Jemma: Wow! Thank you! Your comment made me squee!

    Kate: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it! I am still trying to get into the Fleet Foxes, too, but I totally adore this song. <3

    Ais: Thanks, Ais! I'm so glad you liked the chess metaphor. I imagined it from the first time I envisioned this vid, but I didn't know if it would work. I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

    Kat: Yay! Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it and enjoyed my theory/wish. It definitely would have been nice if they'd been able to cover that end of things more. Thank you so much for the use of your site. I couldn't have made this without it!

    Heather: Aw, thanks! I'm so glad you liked the storyline and manips!

    (((HUGS))) you all!
  • Uruviel posted on 07.06. at 00:24
    Wow, that was really good! Excellent storyline and cool manips.
  • littleton_pace posted on 07.06. at 00:03
    Ooh; that was such a great idea Julia!! I really loved it! Makes me annoyed we didn't get more of this sort of thing in the show. the very idea that jacob brought charlie back was BRILLIANT I loved the scene where Charlie beat up Locke and Claire was smiling The overlays were generally very well done and the story flowed really easily I really liked the story because it's what Charlie died for; to get Claire safely off the island. It's nice to see it in your vid since the show neglected it! Well done!
  • Aislynn posted on 06.06. at 20:28
    Oh wow! That was just so unique and innovative! I love how you used the chess visual/metaphor like that! Very epic and such a great theory! Awesomely done! I loved it! ♥!
  • Jinlovessunxx posted on 05.06. at 09:11
    Julia, this was truely incredible and soo soo epic, I loved this! Your storyline rocked with Charlie, you did a fabulous job showing the story using the perfect clip choices and manips to just grab my attention, my eyes were glued to the screen the whole way through this! I love the song choice! My friend actually likes Fleet Foxes and I've been trying to get into them, so this was awesome that you vidded to this song! Your editing and creativity also rocked in this video, I loved Claire and Locke in the mirror and then later Charlie punching Locke and then Locke hitting Charlie and then BAM!

    Claire with her eye and all the clips flowing through it

    BRILLIANT! Good luck in the contest!
  • Jemmz posted on 05.06. at 03:24
    JULIA!!!! I'm nearly in tears right now! That was a masterpiece!! One of your best, if not THE best!! I knew it would be awesome when I read the description but this was truely AMAZING!!! I feel like I want to write a fanfic to it now or something! I love love love the theory/plot!! And the manips you had worked incredibly well. I loved Jacob bringing Charlie back to life!! And the manip of MIB killing him and Claire was holding his hand And I loved the "darkness" taking over Charlie and him talking with Flocke. But I really adored the end of Claire leaving and Charlie tearfully watching. God, that tugged on my heartstrings, lol! I love it, def. a gold from me and I'm going to fave this on YT! Fabulous job!!
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