Sayid/Shannon Movie Trailer by Uruviel


  • fallen_angel posted on 08.10. at 22:35
    no probs Heather, downloading your Skate trailer now too
  • Uruviel posted on 08.10. at 22:28
    Thanks Vicky!
  • fallen_angel posted on 08.10. at 22:12
    just finished watching and I loved it Heather

    very nicely done
  • Uruviel posted on 07.10. at 00:57
    Thanks Hobbes! I appreciate your comments, for some reason I don't get many comments on my vids lately.

    I actually agree with you about the songs, lol. I like the 2nd one in this vid, but it didn't seem right when i tried it with only one song, so I literally sat here for like an hour trying to think of another. "Chariot" just came to me and I kinda like how it sounds, but the words don't really go. Same for C & C, I like how the last song goes but not the other 2 really. I just submitted a 3rd trailer, hope ya like the songs in it, haha.
  • Hobbes posted on 07.10. at 00:20
    Why so few comments? An excellent video, U. The plot and the clips used were great, and they told the story nicely. However, I have one beef, and it's just that the music doesn't seem to fit the video just right the same kinda thing with your C/C trailer. Nonetheless, I loved this vid. The Shayid shippers must adore it
  • Uruviel posted on 06.10. at 23:17
  • charlie_hobbit posted on 06.10. at 22:05
    I loved it!! You are awesome at making these music videos! I love them all.
  • LVI Bot posted on 28.09. at 07:25
    "Sayid/Shannon Movie Trailer" 09-28-2005
    A Sayid and Shannon movie trailer.
    Song: Game of Love by Michelle Branch and Carlos Santana
    Vidder: Uruviel
    Length: 2:08 (5.37 MB WMV)


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