Riptide by Uruviel




  • Uruviel posted on 15.04. at 22:30
    See, I didn't even notice that in your vid! I suck at ratios!
  • thefilmchick posted on 15.04. at 07:39
    Yeah, I have that issue too at times, since all of my clips now (on a new laptop, obviously) are from clipped sources (I only have S1 DVDs, since I used to have all the episodes from vidding on my computer and then dropped out around S4)--caught one in the beta version of my credits (watch the 'oh babe' shot of the turbine and you'll see it darts in a little bit) that I secretly fixed when uploading (so thanks for telling me to use beats, since it gave me an excuse to fix that too! )
  • Uruviel posted on 14.04. at 23:31
    Emma: Thanks! Glad you like it!

    Kate: Thank you! I'm struggling a bit with ratios lately, I'm used to having all my clips straight from the DVDs, and the season 6 stuff is from somewhere else (of course, lol) so I didn't think to change it when I rendered.
  • thefilmchick posted on 14.04. at 11:11
    I too liked the ensemble bits at the beginning. The mosaic on the beats worked well. I thought the breakdown from 2:00-on was effective too, especially since it brought it back to the start of the vid and tied it in nicely. Slight critiques: Caught one talky clip towards the end, and some frame ratio changes at the beginning (watch the sides of the video with the intro and you'll see they go back and forth between people.) Other than that though, well done!
  • emmasholi posted on 14.04. at 07:54
    Ooh! I really liked how you started this off showing all the losties and their young selves and then the end wit the whole "I remember when" part. That was awesome! And this was perfect for Sawyer, I particularly liked the parts with the darts and the cards, and the part about leaving when everyone else stays Brilliant! Oh and I loved that circle transition you used, it looked really cool!
  • Uruviel posted on 06.04. at 03:24
    grable24: Thanks so much!

    Jemma: Thanks! I'm happy you like the splitscreens.

    Kate: Thank you!
  • Jinlovessunxx posted on 05.04. at 12:02
    Wow, awesome Sawyer video Heather! The intensity and action-y song in this video just rocked! It was also incredibly perfect for Sawyer too! I loved how in the end "in my own riptide" you showed Sawyer coming swimming out of the waves, that was awesome! (Your lyric interpretation as always was just golden and perfect in this video ) This was really awesome Heather!
  • Jemmz posted on 05.04. at 01:33
    That was AWESOME, Heather! I loved your beat use!! Always so creative And the song rocks How great for Sawyer! I really liked your split screens at the start too, really amazing job
  • grable24 posted on 01.04. at 15:36
    LOVE it

    great Sawyer character vid
  • Uruviel posted on 30.03. at 00:33
    Dennis: Thanks! I'm happy you like that effect.

    Brooke: Thank you, glad you like the song!

    Paul: Thanks.
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